Sakatia Island Turtles 2

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Wed 28 Aug 2019 23:57
Our Second Snorkel with the Gentle Giants
We had had enough of chores so we went off in Baby Beez at lunch time so there would be very few tourists on our second snorkel off the southern tip of Sakatia Island. Just a few minutes after we went in we saw a pair of blue-fins.
This chap stayed utterly motionless until we flapped by.
Our first turtle grazing.
P8280025  P8280026
This chap looked straight at us then simply carried on with his dive.
It was my turn to name a creature, I chose Stumpy Robertson, thrilled to see him again.
P8280032  P8280034
Grazing is a serious business, so much so, they gave no mind to us whatsoever. Head down munch, small puff of sand rises and now and again their heads raise to give a big swallow, then it’s up to the surface for a breath and repeat.
Factoids – A leatherback can dive to a thousand metres. A sleeping turtle can hold its breath for between four and seven hours, sadly, a turtle caught in a net will drown very quickly. In prehistoric times the biggest turtle measured twenty-one feet. The biggest leatherback on record was a chap who became stranded in Wales in 1987. He was nine feet from head to tail and weighed in at nine hundred and seventy kilograms or nearly one hundred and fifty three stone.
P8280057  P8280055
Must not forget the LBJ’s (little brown jobs) or the Picasso triggerfish.
Just as we had decided to return to Beez for a late lunch we came across this incredible lady. A giant pufferfish that can grow to over three feet in length – our girl was about two feet long.
P8280051  P8280053
So camouflaged that the short video I took had the camera baffled as to where the focus point was.
                     REALLY EXCITING