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Sun 3 May 2015 22:57
Gloom and Giggles Mark Another Week in Bay Beez
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This week began with more chores, cleaning and stowing.Bear went to Paihia and collected our Fiji money – rather pretty. Ten Fiji dollars are worth three pounds and fifteen pence. In the evenings I have been happily adding new stuff to my ITunes library. Awoken harshly at four in the morning by a certain persons snoring, unable to get back to sleep I thought I would add a few more songs. I always follow the same procedure, switch on, plug in external hard drive, as soon as it shows I launch ITunes – SHOCK HORROR, this time my hard drive showed itself to be Untitled and ITunes failed to find anything. Bear was arrested from his sleep and woe is me. After the morning net Bear popped over to the local oracle Bill who gave him a techies number, also called Bill.
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Bill picked us up the following day at half past ten, drove us to his house where we saw an impressive collection of computer gadgetry and storage ‘stuff’. He took the double click off my laptop and generally interfered with systems I have used ever since laptops were created..........
IMG_2649  IMG_2650  IMG_2651
Bill showed us his collection of drones, starting with the ‘workshop’ at the end of the bedroom. There was a drone on the coffee table in the hall, one on the dining room table and its complex controller beside it.
IMG_2652  IMG_2653 
There was a monster drone on another coffee table in front of the television in the lounge. Bear admired the gadgetry. I looked at him and firmly shook my head...... We looked at the landing pad attached to the balcony and watched a video of a take off, three hundred foot panoramic view of the valley and a safe landing. Once again I looked at Bear and shook my head...... 
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We were fascinated by the visitor that preened himself on Bill’s keyboard, clearly a talcum powder user – just like me.....
We were dropped at the dinghy dock at half past four with Bill telling us my external hard drive would receive care and attention overnight.......... We had time before our evening guests to pop by Scott-Free [as they are en route to Beez]. Maj was enjoying an ice-cream and looked very relaxed. I settled to a lemonade, the boys a beer and then for the best laugh of the week. At five to five the following was heard:-
Me -  Must go our guests are due in five minutes.
Maj - Well you better get going then.
Me - But you two are our guests.
Maj - WHAT.......
With that we both looked at the men who had the grace to look a little sheepish, grinned at each other and promptly opened another beer. Clearly, the boys have been sacked when it comes to organising evening invitations. Rescheduled for the following day – a first to have visitors twenty four and a half hours late.
A definite sign that we are getting ready to leave. Snoopy is out. Miffy bought this little strap purse for me many years ago. He wanted to come with us and has an official chore – that of being swung around my neck as IPod holder.
                     INDEED YOU DO