Fuelling Up

Fuelling Up – Then Off to Sea
BB To Livingston 001
We eased out of our slip, passing Kevin’s (the dockmaster’s) new lady, en route to the fuel dock, through the distant gap
BB Sunday 012  BB Sunday 013
A sight that reminded us of Trinidad
BB To Livingston 004
A little cutie en route
BB To Livingston 011  BB To Livingston 012
I’m on a roll now
BF To Livingston 002  BF To Livingston 003
A carefully owned dock
BF To Livingston 004
Fly-tipping or sorting ??? Cagey looks
BB To Livingston 006
I thought this was a pretty house until bear pointed out the ATM machines............Plonker
BB To Livingston 008  BB To Livingston 009  BB To Livingston 010
We had a good laugh at the fuel dock, our service man couldn’t have been closer to the ‘no telephone’ sign if he’d have tried
BB To Livingston 007
A lovely fishing lady on the hard behind the fuel dock
BF To Livingston 006
I got my wish to get closer to this particular lady..........
BF To Livingston 008
........ no disappointments
BB To Livingston 013
A jaunty angle
 BF Bay of Muj 002
Out in the Bay of Mujeres a real beauty
BF To Livingston 014
Oh I feel a finalist for the ‘One Careful Owner’ coming on
BF Bay of Muj 006
One final look at the town and off