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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 7 Oct 2018 22:57
Beez Progress This Week to the 7th of October
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Monday 1st October. I got up this morning and decided I was severely struggling with living in such chaos, in fact the light at the end of the tunnel had gone out. “Living on the Hard”. Maybe the term grew from an emotion rather than a terrain one, Yes, it is Hard – as in the boat is not in the water but, especially for womenfolk it is indeed hard. Men don’t seem to mind a thousand tools out and ‘stuff’ not in its proper place but I for one find it frustrating when my cooker cover is now home to our toothbrushes, my varnish kit and anything else that fits, so when I do want to cook.......... bad language and move obstructions to another pile........ SO, this morning I decided I needed evidence of some sort of ‘normal’. Bear, will you help me ??? Oh dear, that sounds ominous and in a serious enough tone to nod fervently, I know it’s vitally important for domestic harmony. Great answer, he was immediately put to the task of moving our mattress, I’m somewhat relieved to only be commissioned into some heavy lugging. Our headboard (covered way back when we were in the flat opposite) that has been wrapped in plastic and stowed in the shower, leapt in place and the boys approve. Bed changed, Bear discharged (phew, I think I need a cup of tea), floor swept, teak polished, cupboards re-tidied, I move to the lounge. Now I was quite pleased with the result save for Bear’s sweaty boy towel – which is a necessity and my back massager – which, at the moment, is a must. So a picture from a more cosmetic angle needed methinks.......
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Oh yes, I even leave my hats in their temporary place until my hook on the office becomes vacant and to show I have not gone totally OCD.
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Now for the rest of the inspection........ Our en suite: to be fair it is full of Bear’s stuff from the tool shed because he has to have access to the bow thruster battery, replacement now on order then once fitted it can all go back says the man now sporting a cup of tea but as I am as well things seem smoother now. Thank the Lord, I feel relief. You have been discharged you can get to work. The sea berth: well yet another to be fair. Before we went to the UK I had painted the ceiling white, cleaned the shelf and bought three new storage bins for the stuff we keep there, since then a few things have been ‘temporarily’ parked, I can deal with this, for now. The office. Mmmm has got cases of things to take to Sleeping Indian in Antigua at the back, boxes on shelf OK but lots of Bear’s current ‘things’ out and about. The cockpit: Crates of new, replacement things to be fitted and I don’t have to look outside as I currently live like a mole indoors working on my pink list.
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Desk: now this is becoming a thorn in my toe...... Bear’s ‘stuff’ but you know the word I mean. May have to be tossed in a box and put out in the cockpit for later sorting but as I’m going to clean and line the en suite cupboards I’ll leave it for now. The cooker top: I have to live with, again for now. Feeling better about things I head to the en suite. Bear had taken himself to the office to finish spraying the engine a very pleasant green. I finished the en suite cupboards, did a drug audit, re-packed the medical cupboard in the lounge and was busy cleaning the sea toilet when HELP said in that I must rush tone and en route calling for what I need to bring. Cloths, bucket or bowl, acetone from the cockpit. OH MY. Bear is standing with a smoking can of green that is oozing like a volcano between his fingers and dripping on the office floor and on a coiled electric cable. I quickly put the bin below the eruption. You wouldn’t believe it. I had just finished the job taken my gloves off and was packing up when BANG. You don’t have anymore of this stuff elsewhere ??? No, this was the only one. It’s my turn to feel relieved, that Beez isn’t currently waiting for more of these gooey messes to occur. Kitchen roll for hands, acetone and cloth for floor. I have to point to each dollop as it’s not a green I can see. Right then. By the time we had finished it was very late lunchtime. The rest of the day passed without incident with calmer jobs until I bimbled off to book a hair cut with Marie on Pontoon One. I took my brolly as just little spots were falling post heavy downpour. There was a rope from the boat next to hers crossing the walkway and I stepped over with one foot leaving four or so inches but a stiff blow caused the rope to come up a good nine.......over I went SPLAT landing with all my weight on my right knee followed by my left elbow. As you do, you leap up saying “I’m fine” to anyone who may be listening. Back I went to Beez. Well that’s a daft thing to do at your age. Thank you. We look at my right knee now sporting a dome the size of half an orange. Oh, that’s good, you’ve leaked into your patella bursar, it’ll bruise less. So pleased at your sympathy level you can help with supper. I could have said housewife’s knee but then you would have no supper at all.
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Tuesday 2nd. Bear spent the day inside the cockpit lazarette and I sanded the front doors (washboards to the sensitive to marine terminology) and doorframe.
Wednesday 3rd. Bear began preparing the lazarette for the new alternator cooling fan by cutting and sanding new shelves and I carried on sanding until we went shopping at two. When we came back and put away Marie arrived to give me back Pepe. It was on one occasion that I had spent a bit of time with hair irons making a smooth, neat show, I clipped the right side up, thought it quite nice and clipped a small bit up on the left. Miffy (our youngest) not only did a double take, he looked quite alarmed, “I thought you were grandma”. Now it’s one thing to look like your mum but when someone actually mistakes you for your mum.........Happy to be holding a small bundle of hair. Plus the fact where I’m pleased to be going silver the rest of it looked a murky straw colour.
Thursday 4th. Lots of drilling and scraping of entrance handholds.
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Friday 5th. Bear began his day by finishing the paint job in the lazarette, drilling for the vent system and getting the anodes off the propellers whilst I sanded yet again. After lunch the pod was uncovered and I was called for a site meeting. New lights were held for me to left a bit, right a bit before the tape came out for serious measuring and marking. I like your input as my varifocals make anything that needs to be straight very difficult, no it’s if there is a dodgy outcome there is joint custody of the cock up. No matter what, it has to be said, Bear can always easily muster the same smile, doesn’t lose his temper and is always a pleasure to work, if a little messy but I can tidy along behind him, no problem. 
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I went stage left as the drill came out. Later, Mr Razali appeared with our newly covered desk seat. Rather smart and goes with the black of the instrument panel but shows I have some serious varnishing on the chair back and desk.
 After our showers came the grand unveiling. New lights, switch and waterproof USB charger.
Saturday 6th. Has its own blog as Beez Neez got her name and bees in place.
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Sunday 7th. Even moles get to scamper about in the open at night, so out I broke from indoors, I spent the whole day cleaning the stainless. I didn’t mind too much whilst Beez had no name and unique identity but now, things must get shinier. Woefully dirty but a good start made and it was lovely to feel the odd breeze on my face as I sat on Pepe’s perch right at the front of the girl while I did that area. Bear, usual smile in place, finished in the lazarette. A birds eye view as I lean over to see his new gadget in place (to keep the new alternator cool).
                     DOING WELL, ON SCHEDULE