Durban Road Trip

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Thu 14 Nov 2019 23:57
Durban Road Trip
Off we went in our little hire car collected from the airport. We found the main road a good straight one.
The countryside was much greener than we had expected.
Our first stop was a little group of units – one being for Trevor to find out about the batteries he had to replace in Madagascar (they were under warranty and many emails followed), today a face to face. Kimi and I spotted a tree full of weaver bird nests.
PB140020  PB140022
Such busy, happy chaps to watch – it is the boys who do the building......
Trevor satisfied that progress can be achieved, we headed toward Durban seeing the ‘Burbs .
Traffic thickened but nothing to growl about.
PB140030  PB140031
Next stop was at Ullman Sails where we found a busy sail loft in full swing.
Out came Trevor and Kimi’s poorly mizzen.
PB140033  PB140038
Pegged out, taped down.
PB140035  PB140036
Suggestions, discussions and quote – happy all around. Locally the wait would be three weeks before the pegged out, taped down phase. This will be repaired at the weekend and delivered Tuesday. Great Result.
Loved watching a clew forming under very capable hands.
PB140039  PB140040
I watched as ladies cleaned and polished a new sail and I drooled a little at the ‘available bits’ shelf.
Our trusty little steed.
A short distance away The Pavilion Mall, we could have chosen bigger shopping centre but this one has the Mac repair place – enter Beez Neez needs. We trotted in and I saw the Pandora store, yes, I know I’m spoilt rotten, I came away with ladies busily cleaning sea-going crud from my bracelet and a shiny new lion to add to my ‘Travel Bangle’. We hit the Mac shop where Bear exposed his swollen IPhone battery. It has to be sent to Johannesburg and hopefully its return will coincide with Trevor’s repeat visit to the battery place. Bear bought me my Christmas present – a replacement for my very terminally poorly IPod and then a further spoil with my 2020 diary and calendar. See I have been a good girl. Mmmmm of course..........
We saw, we did a bucket between us and yes, it touched the spot. Back to girls after a good day out.
                     230 MILE DRIVE BUT LOTS NOW BEING SORTED