Dodgy Injectors

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Wed 23 Sep 2015 22:57
Dodgy Injectors – Poorly Beez Neez
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I should have felt chuffed when Bear announced – I have a rather splendid egg event. He had set up outside, now don’t get me wrong, al fresco breakfast is not to be whinged at, but, this all felt somehow wrong. I have never taken egg event pictures on the top step before and everything suddenly felt as if I had socks on in the bath or my flip flops on the wrong feet. All very uneasy. Well dear reader, I settled in my place and all looked as it should but as I carved into my eggs..............put it this way Sir Barnes Wallace would have had to look no further and the Dambusters would have been successful using just these two weapons in just the one plane. Sorry. No, no think nothing of it but I feel a harbinger of bad omen is before me. Ooooo. Well, within half an hour Monesh was tut-tutting and this time there was a certain amount of gnashing of teeth. A call to his boss, Lorenzo and the hammer fell – new injectors, new high pressure feed pipes,and low pressure return pipes and all associated fittings are a must. Oh. Oh indeed, if I could get my hands around the scrawny neck of the fitter who put back our newly serviced injectors I would squeeze until he went a pretty shade of blue and gasped for mercy. Off Bear went in a sort of wake behind Monesh now cradling the poorly bent bits. He sat with Lorenzo and discussed the next step. Back he came to the now ‘not seaworthy’ girl and his face said it all. Three weeks. Oh.
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Nothing for it but to launch into a frenzy of activity. Six piles of bits and bobs were sorted on the bed and six parcels were settled in carrier bags and off we went on the bus to town. Thankfully a lovely lady soothed and cooed in the Post Office and patiently waited while I took a picture of four of our homeward-bound parcels – due date - two to three months. I said nothing and felt a pile of DVD’s were needed from Patel’s to help the now very scratchy temperament. Bear bought me one hundred and seventeen, enough to keep her quiet for a day or two, pardon. Nothing dear, nothing. Have you ever seen a watermelon and a cassava stick used with such inappropriate violence. Bear has
Toddle along Bear, toddle along.
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The bus journey in had been a riot – every time we overtook the open-sided bus, we would have to stop to let someone off, he would overtake us. Our driver could be seen to let out clouds of grey exhaust from his ears and quite a bit of muttering in Hindu, of course we couldn’t understand a word but several ladies clucked and several men roared with laughter. My guess is a similar fate to the New Zealand botch-man, perhaps we could go into business...........
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Everything is so very grey and wet, the weather reminds us of Savusavu, the day after we arrived nothing but solid rain.
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Nothing for it but a bimble around Lautoka market and then the meat shop, then the supermarket and then home.
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Back home I fell into a new frenzy, cooking. Bear sat in the cockpit. I’m staying out of trouble. Pardon. Nothing dear, nothing. Grooooowllllll. The Australian catamaran on the waiting buoy was heard to call out to the old salty dog. “Bet she can tell a story or two”. I thought rather polite and mused at how many boats would fail an MOT if ever they were brought in. Soon pots of food were being dealt around the cockpit to cool before freezing. Guess who forgot that he had put a big saucepan on the mat we use to wipe our feet on as we step in and on his return from his shower managed to kneel more-or-less in said pot. Swear words were heard and I was presented with a mat to wash............ I produced four portions of liver and bacon, three spag bol sauces, three portions of steak and kidney, two carbonara sauces, four sets of five cooked sausages [two for me three for you-know-who], two bags with four slices of fried bacon, two portions of jerk mince, two small sweet and sour chicken – two ordinary size and four portions of chicken stew. Why, the frenzy was good for me and there is less chance of the nice quarantine people in Vanuatu taking cooked stuff away. In the morning the freezer can be cleaned and loaded, then I’ll take things out on the laundry, a bit of hand pummelling is always good for the nerves. Don’t forget to start your DVD copying. The look I swept Bear was enough to find him very busy in the office. That look was enough to stop a very accurate bullet after it stopped many an express train. What was that. Nothing dear, nothing.
Nothing for it but to thump the raindrops
                     VERY FED UP INDEED