Decs Up 2015

Beez Neez Decorations Go Up – 2015
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Last night I slept for five straight hours, what a wow. Today is day four post-op and things are really beginning to get back to normal. I wasn’t allowed to put up the decorations but from my place in the corner directed Bear and he did really well. I sat and did the trees and had fun with a little pyromania – setting the candles on their stands. Just a couple of hours and the Beez was transformed into a happy, festive girl. We didn’t manage the outside decorations today but look forward to getting them up in a day or two.
The permanent fairy lights were dressed in their tinsel banner.
Little Deltaville, a gift from Dolores all that time ago went in the corner, a special memory of the fun we had with the Queens of Bingo.
Thank you Skipper and for turning into a great nurse. It makes such a change. However, was I given any latitude – no I was beaten five nil at backgammon. Yes, but what happened at Mexican Train dominoes ??? Well, I thought I was going into the naught round well down, but Bear managed to gain a negative of two hundred and forty. Rude I tell you, I had led all the way. Rude........
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                     STUNNING – CHRISTMAS IS COMING