Limps and Worms

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Tue 1 Jan 2013 10:12
Lempira and Parasites
Lempira 500
Here we are in the land of the Lempira or locally ‘Limps’, this five hundred is worth  fifteen pounds sixty eight
Lempira 100
This hundred is worth three pounds fourteen pence. Dividing by thirty is good enough for me.
I brought personal passengers from Guatemala and after much sniggering Bear decided his first job of the new year was to go out and buy me some anti parasitic pills – I do so hate the ‘W’ word. I have NEVER, EVER had such things in OR about my person EVER before and I’m certainly not going into the details or their discovery.....
As it’s 2013 I’m going to give Bear a new colour, not that I expected these to be the first words out of his mouth in such a posh voice.................
Would that be thread or other madam
See danger signs, paint Pepe’s face a deep shade of red
I didn’t know you could do that as Pepe is seen with smoke pouring from her ears.
Have you ever seen anyone move as fast and so early in the day after a New Year’s Bash.
Bear has,
Escape to Baby Beez at speed Bear, speedy now, as a well aimed Croc hits the message home.
Bear returned with what is best described as horse pills that I have to take twice a day for three days.
And don’t you bloody lot laugh at the name...................
BB New Years Eve 2012 139
                     I’M SORRY, I KNOW I SHOULDN’T LAUGH
                     WIPE YOUR EYES BEAR AND SOD OFF