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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Tue 12 Aug 2014 22:57
Our Wonderful Stay at a Unique ‘One Careful Owner’ Unique Camp
On the shores of Lake Manapouri, we pulled into – on the outside – a perfectly ‘normal’ looking campsite. I take a step back here, dear reader. The night or so before we move, Bear and I have a ‘site meeting’ – literally in this case. Before every project either of us do on Beez, whether it be decorating, moving something, positioning something or a job that requires more than a few bob spent, there is a site meeting. Being aboard Mable is no different, route planning, sightseeing, bimbling and campsite selection. We always look first at free sites, if there are none available or it is just too cold for us wusses, we look to see what is near where we want to be. Site chosen, Bear takes the Wicked Witch to bed and programmes in her new co-ordinates. That done, off we go and I sit back to watch how things unfold between Bear and the Wicked Witch, mostly she gets called an old bag but sometimes.......
IMG_1561  IMG_1573
Lake Manapouri has one road in on the 99, and one road out on the 95. The road lies next to the lake and people come here for a quiet break in one of the several motels or camp like us. There are no free sites, no town just a couple of shops, no fancy hotels or restaurants. The other reason to come here is to be near Pearl Harbour, the setting off place for the ferry across the lake which deposits you at a coach to go over the hill to catch a ferry to visit the Doubtful Sound, our reason to be here.
So as is usual, Bear opened the site meeting with the date he had booked us on our trip, then looked up the campsites. He read the following out:- 

Manapouri Motels & Holiday Park has been run by the Nicholson family since they immigrated to New Zealand from the U.S.A in 1970. 
In 1966 the Nicholsons travelled to Belgium where they bought a brand new VW Combi, the first Wolfsburg camper, in which the family travelled through Europe – and fell in love with the scenery and the architecture. At the end of that trip they shipped their new friend the VW camper home to San Francisco, and four years later used it as a shipping container into which they packed their worldly goods for the voyage to New Zealand.

Having been told the best scenery was in the South Island they headed south in the trusty VW Camper, and found their true home on the shores of beautiful Lake Manapouri. The 10 acre campground they acquired soon expanded to include Motels, the style of which harked back to those happy days travelling through Austria, Bavaria and Switzerland.

A propensity for collecting saw Morris Minors popping up like so many mushrooms. Exotic trees and pinball machines gradually multiplied.

40+ years on, what keeps Joelle Nicholson in this business is the great enjoyment she finds in chatting with people from all over the world and sharing with them what her family have discovered and created in this rather special corner of the world.

Done deal.
We drove in to the park and had the pick of spots, we turned just after the shower block.
 The Morris line up did not disappoint.
IMG_1531  IMG_1535
So many, including the Police and the RAF.
IMG_1545  IMG_1601
Chainsaw trimming and a working girl waiting patiently.
Amazing, she’s a pick-up in lovely condition, with a matching trailer.
Just look at the shelter for the finished logs, wow.
IMG_1602  IMG_1603
Mabel's nose just sticks out behind this chalet, this one is a double.
IMG_1522  IMG_1521
Opposite, one looked very Alpine. All were individual and immaculate, these have lake views.
Lake Manapouri is across the very quiet road.
We went for our daily bimble and returned through the side entrance for more exploring.
IMG_1529  IMG_1532
Quite normal, until you get closer, that is.
Never know what’s next.
IMG_1526  IMG_1539  IMG_1540
More ladies dotted about the place.
Some ladies are dotted about amongst the chalets.
All shapes and sizes.
Bikes too.
IMG_1595  IMG_1596
Games and ‘out of service’ juke box, as was the wi-fi. The owners reminded us of Ma Baker and her boys, one of whom had disconnected the wi-fi.
IMG_1614  IMG_1616  IMG_1617
Down the back we found our first One Carefully Owned awning and an elder statesman.
The view from down the back of the camp – quite something.
IMG_1611  IMG_1609
This beauty has to be singled out, especially when Bear posed as Farmer Giles.
IMG_1605  IMG_1612  IMG_1608
What a beauty and I really loved the _expression_ Bear pulled when he had to figure out how to get off. Grrrrrr.
A lady, what joy, but the Morries have to have the last picture.