Day Off and Pool

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 5 Feb 2018 23:57
Day Off and Pool Visit
Fifteen days of working, we decided to have a day off. We took a picnic to the pool and enjoyed a swim in the hot sun. Oh, then the sun took his hat off and we felt a few raindrops. Undeterred we settled on a couple of sunbeds and ate our food.
Having spent so long destroying ant nests in 404, I felt the need to be nice to the racing chaps on the wall beside me. Two chunks of tuna, a small piece of tomato and a little shredded tuna for easier transport. Such entertainment. Sad but true, I had fun watching them. The first soldier who scoped out the presents, the information disseminated along the column and the troops coming in to collect.
IMG_0008  IMG_0001
Another dip for Bear and a giggle as more drops of rain. We gave up and once in, we played our first game of Rummikub in nearly a year. Salmon for supper and an episode of Blacklist.
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