To Tubuai

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 27 Jul 2013 22:37
From Raivavae to Tubuai, Austral Islands
BB To Tubuai 005
We got up this morning to blue skies, flat water and just a gentle breeze – the first time in what has seemed like months. We went about our pre-journey chores and went ashore, I was left outside the post office to download blogs and the skipper went to log us out at the police station. He came back telling me Andy (the boss) had shook his hand warmly and wished us “good seas”. Back on Beez with filled rolls for lunch from the festival ‘mall’. Baby Beez stowed and ready to go, leaving time was anything from twelve until four. At half two all was ready and as a parting farewell we watched a squall come over the mountains – this time accompanied by a beautiful rainbow. Fifteen minutes later all as before so engine on, anchor up and off at three.
BB To Tubuai 009
Passing the final red before we turned out to sea.
BB To Tubuai 013
No sooner than we had got the main up in sixty feet of water, than a squall cloaked the island. We had one gust to thirty five knots then a calm eighteen, perfect for the one hundred and eight miles overnight to Tubuai, the capital of the Austral Islands.
BB To Tubuai 011
Off we went on water that was kind and as smooth as you find in any book you read about ‘the peaceful ocean’. We actually saw a local fisherman out enjoying the last of the afternoon sun.
BB To Tubuai 019
We had a real mix overnight with frequent lulls and big winds but the sea stayed calm, what a nice change. I got up to a first look at Tubuai.
BB To Tubuai 021  BB To Tubuai 030  BB To Tubuai 031
We followed a very similar track to the ones into Mangareva and Raivavae.
BB To Tubuai 025
This time we were in very deep water right up until we made our turn, seemingly against the far shore.
BF To Tubuai 012
A feeling of deja vu.
BF To Tubuai 017  BF To Tubuai 013
A local boat waved enthusiastically and the afternoon sun lit the hill.
BF To Tubuai 018
The biggest difference with Tubuai is the flat area before the elevation.
BF To Tubuai 027
We had leading marks to line up, usually they are set one low or a little higher and one up on a hill, as we neared this pair it was funny to see both of them at sea level.
BF To Tubuai 023  BF To Tubuai 025  BF To Tubuai 026
Loads of clean, well maintained buoys, except for the old reef marker and a depth below us of fifteen feet all the way in.
BB To Tubuai 039
The main village.
BF To Tubuai 033  BF To Tubuai 032
We carried on passing the wharf and anchored opposite the dock building in ten feet of water.