Angels by Others

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Thu 29 Oct 2009 23:11
Angel Falls Trip - Photographs Taken by Others
What was fascinating was on our return, meeting up as a group, showing our favourite hundred photographs and swopping with each other. It was a first for us to see how others viewed the same scenery and people. What was amazing - so many were copies of the same, maybe taken on slightly different exposure or shutter speed, under normal or vivid, but essentially very similar if not very alike. Also you can never take pictures of yourself - again - very novel and unique. Here are our favourites.
Us having a real good laugh on the ferry heading for Venezuela at the start of our adventure
Bear and who I have renamed Menopausal Molly. Having a snuggle with Beds by the Simon Bolivar Bridge crossing the Orinoco River in Ciudad Bolivar. Having a dip together.
Us taking pictures of others and then taking of us. Beds in the middle of a waterfall and a lovely shot of his new earring.
Me ready for the off. No-one can remember what Bill was explaining, but it made for a fun shot. Baggage on canoe so this must be the ready for canoe trip.
Mike was much further ahead on the trail than I was. He managed to get this enormous, grasshopper on the ground, heading for cover and in flight after Alan sneezed. I was hanging back waiting for Connie to catch up, by the time I got here another tourist had said creature in the palm of his hand, which were the shots I got. Just goes to show you need to be ready for anything and a bit lucky too.
The Intrepid Mike, off for that all important shot that no-one else was prepared to put in the effort for - but, he paid for it later.
This was a big first for me, someone took a shot behind me - while Connie was taking a shot of me from the front...... Getting down to the leafcutter ants.
We all scurried around the beach trying to capture this butterfly in flight. The fruit we all tried on the roadside that no-one seems to remember by name. A Cicada, just about ready to 'give up the will to live', hope it was worth it - personally, I would have stayed as a bug underground - eighteen years of happy foraging compared to six weeks flying around ????
I spent a couple of hours hidden under the poncho of Mike when I found out my anorak was only "shower proof" I had no idea I could get that WET. Long legs ache during / after a five hour canoe journey, so I took many leg stretches not realising anyone had 'snapped' me. Bear and I reviewing the days pictures
Fred leaning out of the ferry window. My favourite of Alan cooling off in the afternoon sun. The helicopter that caused us a serious wetting from the bow wave it caused.
Friends, boys will be boys and a toddler back from a paddle
Falls Camp. The monkey for five hundred Bolivar and a bug in rich brown
Us bobbing and soundo, but, we were not alone
Smashing mood shots
Tied third were these two avian shots. We adore Pelicans and I'm potty about birds of prey even when it's the pretty ugly Turkey Vulture
Tied in second were these wonderful pictures
The winner for us was what it had all been about. To travel by land, sea, air and finally canoe with Christian fighting the nose round to get us up the rapids.