SS Andes

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 10 May 2009 22:53
Sailing Ship Andes
Sunday the 10th of May, Happy Caribbean Mother's Day to all Mum's.
We got up and decided to swim over to the wreck of the Andes and snorkel around her. Our very first exploration of a sunken wreck.
The plaque that hangs in the beach bar in Deep Bay.
The wreck of the Andes is right in the middle of the bay, the centre mast breaks the surface, she is clearly marked on maps and GPS. Bear under our favourite house.
She is incredibly well preserved.
Many fish, sponges, urchins and coral have made her home.
"A wreck on a wreck" I hear you cry. Cheek, I couldn't resist standing on the prow like a real Captain. "Is that Birdseye or Pugwash ?"
We had just arrived on the beach on Monday, when we started chatting to Nicholas and Kimberley who wanted to snorkel the Andes, not realising she lay about 300 yards from the beach. Kimberley settled her mum to a cup of tea in the beach bar and off we went.
We sat in the dinghy chatting while the youngsters explored. Kimberley and Nicholas are off to Tortola in the BVI's in a few days time to run a field based search of some wrecks there. In September Kimberley is back in Bristol to put the finishing touches to her PhD in Marine Archaeology, good luck to her, certainly a first for us, meeting someone with that speciality. Nicholas is a marine engineer. Back to mum - Ann, for a beer and then bid them farewell to get the steaks on. They laughed when I told them one of the vegetables was SPROUTS - in the Caribbean.
ALL IN ALL we thoroughly enjoyed exploring our first wreck.