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Mon 17 Aug 2015 22:47
The Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple, Nadi, Fiji
The Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple, it is the largest Hindu temple in the Southern hemisphere.
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Just off the main road we pulled in and paid our one pound twenty entry fee, as we were wearing trousers the nice man lent us a sarong. Bear looked rather well matched.
Wiki Says: Historical background: The original temple had been in existence for a long time. It was at the old temple building that the Then India Sanmarga Ikya Sangam (TISI Sangam) was formed in 1926. The TISI Sangam was rejuvenated following the Golden Jubilee celebration in 1976. The revival of Sangam activities with the arrival of Tamil Nadu as the chief priest boosted the activities at the temple. Devotees flocked there in very large numbers to witness and participate in the many new and unique religious ceremonies conducted at the temple for the first time.
Construction of new temple: The foundation for a new temple was laid at the old site in 1976 during the Golden Jubilee celebrations by His Excellency the High Commissioner for the government of India in Fiji. It was realised that a new and bigger national temple was needed. In 1983 a new lease was acquired for the Crown land and the reconstruction programme began with the Bhoomi Pooja in January 1984, followed by the inauguration of building work by the late deputy prime minister, in April 1984. The construction work moved another step forward in 1986 when the work of pile driving was completed under the chairmanship of Hon. Jai Ram Reddy. The actual construction work began in earnest after a lull of some five years under a new Reconstruction Committee led by Narayan Reddy as the chairman. The temple was built in the best traditions of ancient Dravidian Indian temple architecture as well as the principles of sacred architecture of the Vastu Vedic tradition. The consecration ceremonies of their new national temple were held on
July 15, 1994.
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Smaller shrines around the temple.
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The colours must look stunning on a sunny day, still bright despite the rain and cloud though.
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More shrines at the rear of the temple.
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Offerings and devotions.
Navagraha Temple, at the back of the main temple depicts the solar system. In the centre is Surya – Sun. To the east is Shukran – Venus. On the south-east is, Soma – Moon. On the south is Mangal – Mars, On the west is Sani – Saturn. On the north-west is Kethu. On the south-west is Rahu. On the north is Guru – Jupiter. On the north-east is Budhan – Mercury. Hindus believe that human life’s success and failures are controlled by the action of these Gruhas or Demi Gods.
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Walking along the left side, looking up at the splendid ceiling and a closer look at what was to come.
The brochure reads: The original temple was built on the banks of the Nadi River, when people of Indian origin were serving Fiji as indentured labourers and carried the Indian culture and tradition wherever the Indians went. Due to repeated flood threat the new temple was built at the other end of Nadi town in 1992-1994 at a cost of $1.5 million, financed by Indians of Fiji Origin living around the world and with the assistance from the Tamilnadu Government of India by provision of services of expert temple architect Ganapati Sthapathi. The temple was constructed by a team of Silpis – Stone Carvers and painters specially brought from India.
The front entrance.
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We could not take pictures inside the temple – but from the walkway, magnificent.
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The colours and the artwork quite something.
Universal Mother Parvathi praying to Lord Shiva for the welfare of the universe and its beings, watched by Ganesha and Subramaniya.
Disturbed from his trance by Cupid’s arrows – Lord Shiva opens his third eye angrily, fire emanating burning down Manmadha – watched in horror by his Consort Rathi.
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