A Lovely Surprise

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 27 Jan 2012 23:47
A Lovely Surprise and Ready For The Off
BB Newspaper 004
We got back from Savannah, as Bear came back from the shower the chap in the office presented him with this newspaper clipping. Apparently a catamaran pulled onto the dock in front of us, found we were not at home and left it for us in the office. How very kind. The photographer – Jonathan Dyer – of the Beaufort (Bew-foot) Gazette, had taken this picture as we ambled along the Beaufort River, about the time I was taking a picture of the hospital on our right. Sadly the clipping had been folded several times, I have emailed Jonathan and asked for a copy, but no reply in time before we leave Thunderbolt in the morning after our cup of tea and doughnuts. How very kind of the catamaran to make such an effort for us – Thank You – we wish we knew your names and hope to meet “y’all down the road”.
BB Savannah 2 160  BB Savannah 2 162
We have enjoyed our time in Thunderbolt Marina, rubbed shoulders with crew from some very big girls who use the boatyard facilities here that includes a huge indoor workshop.
BB Savannah 2 002
BB Savannah 2 003
BB Savannah 2 005
During our week here we have been to Savannah a couple of times, bimbled locally, thrilled to see a resident of Thunderbolt has a mini – currently undergoing renovation and obviously played games. One such goliath battle over the Upword board caused Bear a few problems, but when he showed me his, my letters weren’t so hot.
We have learned here from the notice board that the State law restricts living aboard any vessel is limited to thirty days in any one year. Many of the anchorages in Florida have been turned into moorings only. In South Carolina there are drink sail rules. Penalties include a fine of up to $6,000 and three years in prison. Boating stopped for up to two years and going on an Alcohol and Drug Safety Action course. Felony BUI (boating under the influence) carries penalties of up to $25,000 and twenty five years in prison. We welcome all the rules and regulations, but so wish each State had the same. Bear has to telephone the Homeland Security each time we move port areas, some States ring each time we move and some don’t know why we are ringing. I heard one end of the conversation that the officer at the other end was obviously asking Bear where we were, well we are in a little creek, on the river, near the town........... I just giggled. Bear always asks who he is speaking to so he can write it in the log. Would love to meet ‘Diggers’. We have met boats that don’t bother with a Cruising Permit and certainly loads of foreign flagged vessels that have no idea what we are talking about “checking in”. Oh well the wonders and mysteries of sailing.
Chores done its off on the morrow to continue goin’ south.

BB Savannah 2 161


Beez waiting quietly for the off – actually on the ICW. We will fall off the pontoon backwards, a quick handbrake turn and be facing the right way. Marvelous.


BB Newspaper 005