To Cooper River

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Thu 19 Jan 2012 23:23
To Cooper River, Our Last Stop in South Carolina
LF to Thunderbolt 005
We left Downtown Marina, Beaufort at midday, slack tide, turned the corner in the river and looked back toward the town and took our last look at Lady Island Bridge. We had planned to leave yesterday but got up to a gray and miserable morning with rain on the horizon. We stayed put and in the afternoon used the marina car to visit Hi-Lo (supermarket). Southern chicken for a late lunch. The box was amusing, along with the history of Aunties recipe there were some great quotes to accompany the standard - ‘finger lickin’ – ‘If you have a moustache, lick your moustache first’, ‘Eat fresh but if you don’t it’s your choice’ and our favourite ‘Try to lick only your own lips’. Then I was slaughtered at backgammon – should have faced the rain.

LF to Thunderbolt 003


Back to our journey and passing Beaufort Hospital complete with landing for boating emergencies


LF to Thunderbolt 006


Soon out into the sound on a glorious afternoon, hard to believe we are in mid January


LF to Thunderbolt 009

To Thunderbolt 027


I asked Bear to look on the map and tell me what marker was next. Oh a red buoy. No that looks like a dead red marker, whoever hit that came off badly.


To Thunderbolt 026  To Thunderbolt 020

To Thunderbolt 030  To Thunderbolt 031


We passed a small marina, a huge one and a couple of very parsey houses.


To Thunderbolt 033


A regional meeting and no one moves


To Thunderbolt 038


Then movement as Beez moves too close for comfort


To Thunderbolt 039  To Thunderbolt 044


Chaos among the gang - all except one cocky little rep


To Thunderbolt 028  LF to Thunderbolt 014


Not a normal roost for cormorants


LF to Thunderbolt 016


A quiet twenty mile day, then anchoring in complete silence in the Cooper River, a few feet from our last time here, perfect.