St Helena Ashore

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Wed 12 Feb 2020 07:03
15:59.40 S  5:43.5 W
St Helena Ashore
Getting off the water taxi was a challenge (I always have balance troubles to begin with), zig-zagged through check in process and a lovely lady in Customs suggested two fingers of vodka after my next passage. Never thought of that, believe it or not. How anyone who has never, ever been sea sick can suffer land sickness in the form of having to hold on to the taps whilst teeth cleaning in order to stop the sink bucking and rocking for a day or two is beyond me, but there you are.
Everyone so very helpful and friendly. Obviously couldn’t face the 699 steps up Jacob’s Ladder today but hope to do it before we leave. Booked all day tour on Thursday with a knowledgeable 83 year old. Very much looking forward to seeing where Napoleon stayed, an elderly tortoise called Jonathan and much more.
Anne’s Place a favourite eatery with visiting yachties served me four sausages, chips, salad and coleslaw for five pounds. Bear had three lamb chops, chips, salad and coleslaw for nine pounds fifty. I had a shandy. Vodka 1.65 a shot but the slim can to go with it.......2.50. Tap water free and they don’t mind me charging up my laptop. I bought two hours of internet for 13.50 which allowed me to put two pictures on Facebook and do a few emails but sadly, not enough ooomph to put any blogs on. So all the passage ones I have redone with pictures and some of the backlog will have to stay on my laptop until we get to Antigua. (This is being sent via the Sat Phone).
Jamestown feels like an oldie worldly Cornish town that I remember back in 1989. People chat in shops, men sit on the benches outside the famous market building enjoying a beer while they chew the cud. As I sat and waited for Bear to collect our insurance certificate (fifteen pounds for five days) a car stopped to chat to someone for two or three minutes, no one behind bibbed or looked in any way cross.
Good supermarkets, tins up a bit in price but that is only to be expected considering how isolated this island really is. Fruit and veg a bit thin on the ground but delivery is Thursday. Good butcher. Biggish fillet six pounds but frozen chicken wings and thighs didn’t make my eyebrows shoot up too much........
We filled the day with poking around the shops, I chose both our Valentine Day cards. Bought some solar lights for Sleeping Indian, two tins of pulled pork as a treat for Bear at three pounds fifty and two tins of ham at one pound sixty-five. Met up with the crew of Finistere so instead of getting the six o’clock ferry back we all took the last one at seven. Sat in the cockpit, lost at backgammon AND Mex Train but we did soak our feet throughout – another job ticked the variety of my life, clean the fridge on the morrow while Bear deals with the diesel delivery (1.43 per litre). Bracing showers off the back of the girl and we both flopped into bed at local half past ten – to us half past midnight.
                      FANTASTIC DAY OUT