Nongsa Nozz

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Sun 30 Oct 2016 23:57
Nongsa Nozz and Duty Free Run
IMG_7870  IMG_7871
The girl in front of Beez is massive and clearly a huge on-going project.
The girl beside Beez looks quite swell from a discreet distance.............
IMG_7873  IMG_7890
...............Up close and there are signs of one careful ownership and no sails – always a giveaway.
Beez Neez bottom is beginning to take on this scratched and faded look, cannot wait to lift her for a rest (February 2017) and get her nether regions attended to and anti-fouled. She needs her sleek black back.......Indeed she does.
A herd of fish by this girls bottom.
IMG_7876  IMG_7878
Expecting a midday shuttle, there wasn’t one so we had an hour to sit outside and enjoy a cool one.
Watched by a chap who settled beside us.
The gardens here are stunning.
IMG_7882  IMG_7884
IMG_7886  IMG_7887
We explored until we were called for the shuttle bus.
A model of Nongsa Marina and surrounds.
IMG_7888  IMG_7889
We jumped on the shuttle bus at one o’clock which took us through the grounds of something similar to timeshare apartments and cottages, all beautifully kept and despite the numbers – all very secluded. A short way down the main road we pulled in to the ferry port which shuttles folk to and from Singapore. We had an hour and a half so we grabbed a snack lunch and hit the duty free liquor store as we unsure about supplies and prices in Malaysia (good call as it happens as very expensive ‘over there’ until the next duty free in Langkawi). Back on the bus, lovely surprise to see Manatee parked beside us, a quick swim and supper in the bar with five other yachts, smashing. Time for bed as off for a great at-venture early on the morrow. Chums here we come.
                     WHAT A SURPRISE