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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Wed 16 Apr 2014 22:57
Wembury with Family Millard
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We arrived to stay with Family Millard and played until Jacob went for a nap. Oscar took advantage of the sunshine and had fun in the paddling pool until he got cold and needed to dry off and have a hug.
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Later we all went to the park at Wembury, the boys had fun.
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Meantime, Bella was having a great time. Kim dished out the treats.
Bella is turning out to be a real sweetie.
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Oscar turned out to be a natural kite flyer.
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Martin was an enthusiastic launcher.
Grandpa offered some advice.
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Jacob watched the action from the comfort of mummies arms.
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A good show.
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Father and Son, Father and Son.
DSC_4413  DSC_4412 
I’ll take another look at that.
We spent some time admiring Oscar’s Big School, we wish him happy years there.
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Bath time, I asked the boys for their best ‘cute’ looks. Yep not bad at all..... and so to bed as Pennywell on the morrow.