To Tobu, Narita

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 12 Nov 2017 23:57
Back to Narita Airport to Stay at Tobu Hotel
IMG_1816  IMG_1817
This was our view of Mount Fuji on waking at 05:45 and then at 06:15.
Very soft pinks as the sun caught the morning mist at 06:30.
IMG_1819  IMG_1820
After breakfast, (still cannot believe a hotel of this calibre can’t rustle up an omelette), Bear remembered to take down the toilet paper stuck up with toothpaste that had prevented the bright hall light coming on every time we breathed near it. I snuck a final shot of Mount Fuji.
OK just one really final picture at ten o’clock, before we trundled downstairs for our shuttle bus at ten past.
IMG_1824  IMG_1825  IMG_1826
As we waited for our driver to climb aboard and the manager to bow, thank us for staying and wave us off, I saw this lady chatting to her friend wearing a lovely neck ruff. Fifteen minutes later after slowly winding our way through the market traffic we pulled up at the train station. We get our last peek at Mount Fuji before turning our backs and heading into the station.
IMG_1827  IMG_1828
As I wait for Bear to buy our tickets (our JR Passes do not cover the first leg), I see a couple of pictures of the station in days gone by, along with a rustic plaque. Bear rushes over to where he left me, there is a train in if we hurry to platform 2. Right behind him, we just make it.
I did manage an on-the-run picture of a modern day Thomas sitting quietly on platform one.
IMG_1831  IMG_1832
Settled on the train, we get a chance to see the full extent of perhaps the happiest train in Japan.
An hour later and we have twelve minutes to wait for our second train, a busy schedule on a post.
The backdrop here is a very pleasant one and although the wind is chipper, the sun is warm.
IMG_1838  IMG_1839
In comes our girl and we settle for another hour.
Really weird to go along for a while at the same speed as a next door neighbour until it went up a slope and out of sight.
Our third and final train of the day was the Narita Express, abbreviated as N'EX, It is a limited express train service operated in Japan since 1991 by East Japan Railway Company (JR East), serving Narita International Airport from various Greater Tokyo Area stations. Services are approximately half-hourly in the mornings and evenings, and hourly through the middle of the day. The main competition for the Narita Express is Keisei Electric Railway's Skyliner. This EMU (electric multiple unit) train happily trundles along at eighty miles an hour, the overhead electrickery running at 1,500 V DC. We had an hour and ten minutes, just long enough to beat Bear at Scrabble. Huh.
IMG_1841  IMG_1842
We got out at Terminal 2 and had a good look at our train. Ten cars of sixty eight feet and an end car at each end of just under sixty nine, meant that looking left and right, all we could see was train. Soon out of the station we headed for bus stop 65 and there was a shuttle bus waiting to take us to our hotel, after a brief stop at Terminal 1.



To airport


Notched up today - a shuttle bus, three trains, another shuttle bus and 111 miles.





Six hours from door to door and Beds settles in. Bear had expected an airport broom cupboard, so wasn’t he surprised when our fifth floor room was big, airy and nicely laid out – we both have bedside tables and lamps. Bath in the bathroom, yes, but no hot seat on the toilet AND only one pair of bedroom slippers each. Grrrrrrr.






                     I THOUGHT THE VERY SAME