A Busy Fun Time

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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 2 Mar 2015 23:57
A Busy Time on Scott-Free with the Royals
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Bear dropped me off on the quayside and went to park Baby Beez down at Ashby’s. I set off up the hill to the bus stop dragging a fairly big case behind me. The big roll of maps that State of Mind brought up by car was going back to Whangarei on the bus for a discussion of what we needed to copy, hence the size of the case. Bear caught me up and we settled for a little rest, my fitness regime done for a while. A very pleasant journey, a short walk and the kettle was on. Some things never change. Within a minute ‘the boys’ were staring down in admiration at the new batteries on Scott-Free. The boys went out for a few ‘bits and bobs’ and we settled to map sorting and of course we made time for ‘pink subject’ chatter. Later, after a wonderful supper we played Mexican train dominoes.
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Saturday. Up with the sparrows, tea and toast and off to the Swap Meet, Treasures of the Bilge, Bring and Buy, Trash and Treasure, Boat Jumble and a host of other names that define a gang of yachties taking bits to sell in the sunshine. My job was to get Bear away with nothing purchased, one man’s toot is another man’s treasure, yes but we have enough ‘extras and spares’ to have one massive stall............ We watched ‘the Royals’ sorting and setting up. I posed with the teak flag pole that Steve really didn’t want to sell, so it was put on the ground. A really good turn-out and the Royals sold quite a bit of stuff.
Bear and Maj show just how tough this retail malarkey business is. The anchors were dropped by Al for us not to sell.........
IMG_1808  IMG_1807
After lunch Steve wanted to try out his outboard with its very smart new cover. Not sure what Bear and Maj are up to but it looked very important. Off the boys went, we settled to sorting out a myriad of cruisers notes each boat had collected over the years.


My Chauffeur.
First we went up the river.
Then we went down the river past State of Mind, blue hull.
Toward the bridge which graced us with an opening.
IMG_4784  IMG_4785  IMG_4792
We had a good look at the ‘workings’ and passed a massive fishing boat out for repairs.
I could stand in the space where the bow thruster fits on the Pacific Princess.
IMG_2206  IMG_2208  IMG_2215
Sunday. A lazy start and a terrific fry up. We settled to pink things and the boys took themselves out in the cockpit for a blue chore – to fit a moveable occasional table where the wheel usually sits. Very chuffed with themselves and a pose for Maj the photographer.
IMG_2216  IMG_2220  IMG_2218
The ‘Maj’ angle was only slightly marred by the long johns on the line a couple of boats away, I averted my gaze to admire the very orderly Scott-Free tool box.
Nothing for it but to test drive the new table.
IMG_2224  IMG_2228  IMG_2227
Monday. The boys went off to sort which maps we needed copying and as it rained they took shelter in a bar..........We had a discussion about which artificial sweeteners were the best, that led to a general calorie hunt. After supper it was sadly time to leave. Soon off the bus we trundled down the hill. Bear left me on the quayside and the heavens opened whilst Bear went for Baby Beez. In the cockpit we stripped off our wet clothes and even Beds was wet in the top of the case. Never mind, we had had such a marvellous time away. The best picture of the weekend we will leave you with. 
Chris aka Maj doing an impression of Mrs. Magoo.