The Big Pour at Sleeping Indian

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Tue 2 Jun 2020 23:57
The Big Pour – Six Cubic Yards of Cement Arrives 
P6020011  P6020012
 At 10:49 the concrete pump truck arrived. The boys did the very last bits and the Fish Man came to sell to Captain, Bear and Bossman.
P6020018  P6020024
The kitchen and lounge had a runway of plywood. At 12:14 the cement truck arrived – minor disappointment from me that it wasn’t a Mack but a Peterbilt – a handsome, new metallic green so not too shabby.
P6020026  P6020023  P6020027
The cement truck chap swung the arm, the pump truck arm went up and the pourer was nested above the pump sieve.
P6020029  P6020031
Everything was declared ready and the runway was covered with tarpaulin.
Captain wetted the surface of the deck.
P6020035  P6020036
At 12:25 the first pipe came through and was nested in the middle of the runway.
P6020037  P6020039  P6020040
The next piece of pipe joined the first, sealed and up went the shout “Ready”.
12:35 the first ooze of cement. So exciting.
P6020044  P6020045
I went upstairs for a birds eye view and by 12:39 Cutie had shoveled for Captain who double-quick had the right hand triangle smooth. Cutie raked on the left and was soon smoothing.
Cutie (aka Benji) in action.
P6020049  P6020055
Captain working the middle. At 12:49 the boys called a halt to rake and settle so far.
The A Team. Cutie on the left, Captain on finishing touches to the middle and Barry White raking.
P6020057  P6020059
12:56 and 12:57, amazing speed.
13:04. Pumping finished, pipes loaded and all that was left was a small splodge on the tarpaulin.
Meanwhile... Out the front Bear had his own private ‘splodge’ at 13:05, I thought I was going to have some dregs but no, it shot from the pipe and the next thing I was paddling. Mmmmm but there was glee written all over his face.
P6020065  P6020001
Trucks were tidied and at 12:17 Captain set about removing the shuttering and smoothing.
Back to meanwhile......A steady working pace ??? Well, I had a big wet fartful dollop out much too much for my needs. Mmmm. I videoed the careful man in action and added to our FB page – the mirth this caused. My favourite comment came from Rod I didn't know trowels worked at that pace. I giggle every time I think about it. Lorraine said Er... I think he will be a while. A supportive comment from Cecily (Bear’s sister) I suppose there was no need for that skill on a boat. At the time of typing this he had 190 views.......
Cutie carried all the excess cement in several journeys and the A Team began their clear up.
P6020080  P6020082
Meanwhile, meanwhile..... At 13:27 my Gwapo declared I’m nearly finished......
P6020003  P6020006
Later, I took finished pictures..... I asked how long until dry the boys said “Good to go in the morning” wow.
Our view this afternoon - WOW indeed.