To TT Sept '18

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 21 Sep 2018 22:57
To Our Final Stop in the UK with Team Tinson
We reluctantly left The Scotties at ten thirty and made our way through very busy traffic. I was at the helm as Bear had the onward journey from Swindon to Torquay. We arrived at Team Tinson Manor and no sooner than we had let ourselves in than Mark appeared on his lunch break. Within three minutes we had off-loaded all our ‘stuff’ – we have so much to do to make this pile reduce to three cases and two carry-ons. While we enjoyed a cup of tea, Mark went to pick Kate up. Bear left for Torquay.
Our I40 Car
I bade my ‘farewell’ and indeed this time a ‘goodbye’ to our trusty steed. 3,924 miles notched up and other than our radiator/support beam glitch has otherwise been a perfect little friend. I needed Bear to be safe and return to me on this one. I would have gone with him to Torquay but both our fares would have been seventy eight pounds. In reality it is the first time in my life I am actually needy and in need.
Bear is part way through many jobs on Beez Neez (as am I), too many in fact as to need the man himself to put all to rights as currently she is technically unseaworthy.............. I would be more than lost without him, I would have no clue at all. Better look after me then. Growl...... a dependent growl this time, a first for me......
IMG_0003  IMG_0004
Kate and I walked to school to meet Seth. I managed a loving hug with and from Jack who went straight from school to a sleepover birthday party. On our walk back we had to zap tags on various posts to mark Swindon’s latest fitness ‘thingy’ for all the family. After play, Seth settled to his spelling homework and then we got stuck in to Thunderbirds. Bear sent a message to Kate that he had arrived at Torquay, Adam gave him a lift to the station in  Newton Abbot and it was just as well the train was a couple of minutes late, so fine was the timing. Kate kindly picked him up at this end and the lone traveller needed a beer as soon as he bimbled in at eight thirty.
Saturday morning. Jack came back from his party shattered after a really late night. Mark and Kate headed to Birmingham to buy an eternity ring and we had plans to go off to zap tags but the rain kept us in. We played until lunchtime and then settled to watch a film. Our family evening was spoilt when a text came from Barclaycard. Bear spent a long time on a call with Fraud Squad as two lots of pizza and two loads of shopping were in the process of going through the system. Well done Barclaycard for being so prompt - we only use the card to take cash out so the shopping had raised a flag. Cross as wasps it was great that a heavyweight boxing bout on the television took the edge off along with a sherbet or two.......