Deer Whisperer Pt 1

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Tue 7 Nov 2017 23:47
The Deer Whisperer – Part One
IMG_0601  IMG_0602
No sooner than we had stepped off the ferry on Miyajima Island, than Bear had a new friend. No sooner than the blow, out came the trigger finger, a bit of deer-lovin’ and on we bimbled, heading for the O-Torii, the gate in the sea.
All sizes of Bambi, giving off an air of cuteness.
IMG_0613  IMG_0615
A photogenic little chap, chewing and minding his own business.
I was just about to snap Bear with the gate behind him, when a lady wrestled my camera from me and insisted I get in the picture too. Very nice one of the two of us with the Torii, what a shame she cut my new friend off at the hips. I thought she had taken several from all angles, but when I looked later – just the one.
IMG_0624  IMG_0623
I took a couple of Bear who couldn’t resist the trigger finger coming out once more.