Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Sun 26 Feb 2012 22:59
Airboat Ride
BB Airboat 079
Chatting to our next door neighbour, Terry, I mentioned that an airboat ride was on our bucket list and being a Floridian, he might suggest where. “I’ll take you Sunday.” Marvelous. Off we went in his lovely Kube to the Lone Cabbage. Trooper and Steve had to stay behind as we expected the venture to be a noisy one.
BB Airboat 001  BB Airboat 002
BB Airboat 003  BB Airboat 005
I’ll just say Posing and Trigger Finger and leave it at that
BB Airboat 006
BB Airboat 007  BF Lone Cabbage and Birding 002  BF Lone Cabbage and Birding 014
Off we went on this ‘modest’ 400 hp lady, with Jack at the helm
BB Airboat 015  BB Airboat 010  BB Airboat 016
Us, Cheesy, Terry and Mags
BF Lone Cabbage and Birding 007
Sadly it was a dull and overcast day, but we saw plenty of birds
BB Airboat 055
BB Airboat 051  BF Lone Cabbage and Birding 053
BF Lone Cabbage and Birding 025
It was great fun meandering around the river, sideways at speed. Cows had their paddle disturbed by us and Juvenile White Ibis puttering about
BB Airboat 081  BF Lone Cabbage and Birding 074
Sadly, our half hour ride was soon up, but the aroma of food soon turned our attention to how hungry we were. Terry had said the food here was great so in we went. Bear’s lunch was of course ‘Gator Basket’. We had seen a couple of gators eyeballs poking out of the water on our ride but Terry felt “The Full Monty” was missing. He said he would take us on the Wildlife Drive on the Kennedy Space Centre Reserve on our way home. No sooner than we had set off than he pulled over for us to see this Sandhill Crane bimbling down the side of the road, no idea where his friends are, but he should be part of a gang. Running out of space, the drive will be on the next blog.


Friend Ship. A picture Terry emailed me of his girl. Currently our next door neighbour.