Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Sun 10 Aug 2008 18:30
From where we are moored in Baiona we can see the replica of  The Pinta "The Painted" one of the three ships that went with Christopher Columbus to the New World. Pinta was her nickname as all Spanish ships were named after saints, her real name is not known. She was a caravel-type, square rigged vessel, weighing in at approx sixty tons, twenty metres in length, seven wide, she was smaller than the Santa Maria (Columbus's ship). The crew of twenty six who used to sleep on deck until hammocks were adopted after seeing Native Americans using them.
Outside shots, Bear on the tiller, crew doing repairs showing off his tools (typical man) and me with my new second mate. Below, hefty ropes, Bear with his weapon, cross bow, hard hat and lance.
The captain was Martin Alonzo Pinzon (born circa fourteen forty one) in Palos de la Frontera, Huelva (near where Adam and Jenny live). He was part owner of the Nina and Pinta coming from a family of ship-owners.  It was Pinzon's suggestion to Columbus to change course that brought the fleet to the Bahamas on the twelfth of October fourteen ninety two. He was often disobedient and did "his own thing". He went off  on his own and some scholars say he was the first to discover Puerto Rica. The lure of treasure was also on his mind together with a few local women.
Photos of provisions,  the BBQ, Bear with Serrano Ham (mountain ham). After the New World we see pomegranates, tobacco, treasure, gold nuggets and a native complete with Polly.
Bear and a saw showing the lack of head room, how short they were  then, the main sail stowed and the supply boat replica. 
After meeting up with Columbus again for the journey home, he again separated in a storm (allegedly) and arrived in Baiona in March fourteen ninety three. Columbus accused him of disloyalty, he had run his ship the Santa Maria aground and had to return on the Nina, arriving back to Palos de la Frontera also in March. Pinzon could have beaten Columbus to the king and taken the glory but he didn't. He was awarded the "Admiral of the Seas", returned home and died in November that same year of Syphilis, probably TOO MANY natives.
Pinzon's brother was Vicente Yanoz Pinzon (1460-1523), was pilot and skipper of the Nina (Spanish for girl) a pun on one of the ships owners Juan Nina. Her real name was Santa Clara, crew twenty four.
The fleet had left Palos de la Frontera on the third of August 1492, stopping on the Canary Islands for supplies on the twelfth of August, not bad timing.
Columbus was only successful due to the Pinzon family, their expertise, experience, seamanship, and navigational skills. They were far better sailors as illustrated in the Pinzon brothers bringing their ships home safely where Chris did not !!!!!!.