Thien Hau Temple

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Sat 30 Dec 2017 23:27
Thien Hau Temple
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Thien Hau Temple, China Town, HCMC, is a little gem built in 1760, dedicated to Mazu, the Buddhist Goddess of the Sea, we had to visit. 
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Through the gate into the courtyard. To our left a highly decorated wall. To the right of the main entrance lots of carvings. 
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Inside, and directly above the main door (that is, you have to walk in, turn around and look up) is Mazu, it is believed that she protects ships. She also rescues ships and people on the sea by flying around on a mat or cloud. Mazuism is connected with traditions and beliefs from both Taoism and Buddhism and . Mazuism is therefore an incorporation of different aspects and traditions which have merged to form a new belief.
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The guardians each side of the door caused some chatter. He’s got nasal hair, him on the right. No, it’s his tash. No, he’s got more nasal hair than me. In I went for a closer look, odd, he is definitely missing the right bit.....
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The inner courtyard, intricate carving above, symbols from Chinese religion and legends..
Passing display cases, I enjoyed the joss sticks in the sunshine.
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The main altar at the back.
Just as we were looking at the Chinese candles a lady approached to light one........We both began to hum ‘In these shoes’ by Kirsty MacColl.
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I was so fascinated, I followed her, she moved her right foot as if it didn’t belong to her and the young lady will only come off those shoes – just the once, hopefully just a sprain or a broken ankle as opposed to her neck. She slowly strode outside, crossed the courtyard and zoomed off on her scooter......
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High on the walls each side of the temple are colourful dioramas representing scenes from a nineteenth century Chinese city.
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This tremendous teak totem should be stunning, instead it was filthy.
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Chinese writing, a lovely column and Bear found an ancient fire distinguisher.
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The display cabinets.
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Wooden carvings, donation prayer flags and a wooden screen. Ooo time for lunch, Chinese methinks.