Position Day 9

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 21 Jul 2019 06:00
12:35.25 S   51:38.74 E
We carried on throughout yesterday with an ever gentling wind speed and a very calm sea. Des had told us to continue as we were for another 24 hours and then due to benign conditions “Go for it”.
Bear enjoyed tuna bake and his ‘munchies’ continue. I may even have just managed to eek out the Chinese leaf for the next couple of days for his lunchtime wrap.
By 20:00 the wind was down to between seven and ten knots, we let out all the genoa, tried a starboard tack but we had slowed to three and a bit knots. At 20:30, my watch, I asked for engine assistance back to port tack as we need to average nearly six knots to reach the top of Madagascar before our weather window closes. I also decided to move all our waypoints in a straight line for the top as there was little point in heading southward as there was no wind benefit. Hope to be round the Cape at first light Monday morning.
This morning we are 145 nautical miles to the top and 1373 nm completed.
All is well and chirpy aboard