Day 4 - N of N

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 13 Dec 2013 13:30
Day 3 – The Sun Came Out  
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December the 12th – Afternoon: The planned roast chicken, carrots, cabbage, mash and gravy did indeed turn into chicken salad, and no, no dollop of mash. Life in the kitchen for me is so much simpler when Beez leans to the left. The fridge lid stays up, the pans don’t want to jump on the floor and the washing up bowl doesn’t think it as anything but amusing - to try and throw things out on a theme park water feature, more accurately, the log flume. Imagine your cooker being at beyond a jaunty angle (the boat leaning too far for the gimble to swing any more) leaning toward the kitchen wall is quite manageable, I can put my head on the padded, angular ceiling for balance and use both hands. Leaning toward you is a whole different ball game. I have to perch my rear end against the back of the settee and reaching the pans is a problem. Add to that, the fight for the fridge to yield its contents in an orderly fashion (never happens, as what you want is never nearest the top) and food preparation becomes a huge, non-sponsored event.
Why don’t we have the hard boiled eggs instead of mash and use the non-slip bowls instead of plates. Like your style, Sir, like your style.
Plan: To stand at the fridge, holding the lid up with the right hand, whilst the left hand gathers items one by one and tosses them out to the waiting skipper. Sounds OK so far.
Right hand in position. Left hand opens lid to tomato pot, pulls out two, tosses one at a time. Marvelous, well caught lad. Cucumber toss misses and hits the ceiling, bounces into office. Note to self, aim better. Bag of pre-washed lettuce gets tossed and caught but the open end casts leaves like confetti. Captain seen scrabbling. Boiled eggs in enclosed bag is tossed and caught well. Roast chicken wrapped in foil, equally successful launch and landing. Close fridge, move along to cupboard – salad cream and mayo do very well. Non-slip bowls and tools gathered and handed out. No idea where Bears fork has gone but as we only have two of everything to hand, oh, pass me a spoon instead. What a game man. Drinks, I fancy a Cuba Libre, oh good, a premix. Well as this is our meal nearest to half way – I feel we can celebrate. I’ll join that sentiment then. Now the booze fridge is settled beneath this end of the dining table. Kneeling is not an option, so leaning with Beez movement with a back up plan if thrown, produces a hairy few minutes. Lid lifted, skippers can, my diet coke, lid down. That went so well, I felt benevolent enough to go back to big fridge for a slice of lime. Bears equilibrium was getting itchy as he is trying to control all the various ingredients of lunch, now fairly scattered about his person. I slip out my vodka and follow it to position. Bear holds my flap of the table up and I slide into my seat. Bear begins to retrieve stuff from afar and everything he puts on the table rushes to sit on his lap. Trill now beginning to spill and he’s gone right off his cuttlefish............. I was about to clean the chicken from its layer of onion (cooked underneath the meat to give flavour and moistness) and all the jelly gravy stuck around. Bear made a grab for his piece and flung it in his bowl. I got a fit of hysterics as said jelly dolloped on the table and wiggled with Beez movements but what finished me off was a piece of onion swinging like a pendulum. What. Too helpless to answer. I won’t mention the squeezing of some lime into the opened rum and coke mix. Best not............     
The captain put his five nil loss at backgammon down to having a weak moment. Bloomin’ long moment, Guv and had to take to his nest for a sound sleep. 
A very gentle sunset, straightened for lean......
Friday morning: I came up at ten to a very happy captain. He offered to make me breakfast, indeed a new event at sea. Bear is a very good sailor in the cockpit and can hurry downstairs to ablute and get into bed, but, dithering and fussing generally downstairs does not suit him at all, not one bit. A big thing for him to offer then, pre-sliced watermelon, pineapple fingers and slices of cheddar, lovely. The sun was out and the sea definitely looks blue. I can see the odd flying fish and a few sea birds.
Bear woke from his music assisted doze as chirrupy as a cricket. How awful when someone sings along to what they are listening to, especially when they conduct as well. Add to that, hating the particular song they are killing, karaoke style. I need a piece of paper and a pen. OK. He proceeds to make a list of his favourite events of the year. Next he organises his Christmas tunes on his IPod and starts to talk about Christmas plans, dinner.................Bear, you clearly have too much time on your hands, snap your lips together before you lose them. Huh. Don’t you huh me, we have one pineapple left with which I can inflict a great deal of pain. Huh. Steady....................
The skipper now tells me of his ten till two watch – on his own he can watch his massive collection of chick-flicks to his hearts content – last nights choice was The 18 Year Old Virgin. Thing was, somehow, during the moving from hard drive to IPad the synch had been lost. He said it was a massive challenge to co-ordinate. The sound was a full one and a half minutes before the action.................. The joys of life at sea................
Friday the 13th of December 2013 at 13:30 hours, the end of day four. Miles in the last twenty four hours = 181.9, wow, that’s still fast, goes to show how we have got used to the speed and movement. Beez smiling all over her delighted face. Miles completed so far 656.9. We’ll be in for Christmas shopping at this rate...........
Average winds now a very steady twenty knots and a very creditable speed of six and a half knots. Very happy Bears. The sea has a pleasant rhythm, but, every hour will throw a massive wave, always make me duck as I hear it hit the windows. In a previous life, if nothing very startling had happened I would write the full form of N of N. What deep joy to type it out as my All in All for today.
                                            GOOD WINDS, CALM BLUE SEA, SUN AND NO RAIN