Final Contadora

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 25 Mar 2013 22:47
Our Final Trip Ashore and Blog Before We Move On
BB Last Contadora 004
We were joined for lunch by Paddy and Queenie for our ‘farewell’ lunch
BB Last Contadora 003
The boys had finished eating, the girls a little slower due to a little chatting, Mmmmmm, steady, when we heard and saw a massive wave roll in. Off the boys went to check on the landing crafts. Bear found Baby Beez stranded up on a rock looking sorry for herself and Paddy found Kitten Beaute full of sand. Good call boys, shame you didn’t take the cameras. Full moon makes the tides that bit bigger and the final waves before a tide change suddenly ‘take on’  - then all quiet and receding.

BB Last Contadora 006

Queenie and I stopped to admire a fake pineapple tree


BB Last Contadora 005  BB Last Contadora 007


Rather splendid in full bloom


BB Last Contadora 009


Very adventurous, we went past Blandy’s the Supermarket and found ‘the Mall’ – well two tiny shops.


BB Last Contadora 010  BB Last Contadora 011  BB Last Contadora 012


What was amazing was a tree house and slide in this rubber plant tree.


BB Last Contadora 013


To think you can buy these as house plants in M&S with a few leaves for about ten pounds – in the wild and warmth they can become behemoths like this one.


BB Last Contadora 014


The boys – Bear and Paddy wait like all good men whilst Queenie and I did a little retail therapy.


BB Last Contadora 015


The far end of the runway and the Contadora Hotel marked our turning point. Back to Blandy’s for some emergency rum for Bear, and some fruit, then to the other supermaket for fuel (the broken fuel pump has just been fixed), back to Beez for a shower and over to Le Chat Beaute for a final sundowner. Hugs and off we go. Fantastic to see Queenie and Paddy. Safe Winds and Following Seas.

BB Last Contadora 002
Time to get the washing in and halt Beez looking like Mrs. Woo’s Laundry