Sock Top & Dragonfly

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Tue 1 Aug 2017 22:57
Sock Top & Dragonfly
Bill smiling
Today, I drove myself for a five hour session with Bill, he took my tattoo virginity nearly thirty years ago so I wanted him to do my sock top, orchids (representing Malaysia) and dragonfly (representing Indonesia) – for safety reasons I trust Bill more than I do some of the so called ‘salons’ we have seen out and about in such places as Bali..........etc........ We spent the day catching up on the last three decades and Doc (Bill’s dad) joined us when it was time for him to munch on a pork pie and natter after making us a cup of tea.
Doc  Doc-Price-worlds-oldest-tattoo-artist-871799 - Copy
I ‘borrowed’ these pictures of Doc from an article written about his long career and at eighty-five years young, he may be the oldest tattoo artist in the world. He is currently building a white box in the back garden and helps Bill when he is busy, he did three hours inking only yesterday. His funniest story of the day - a chap had his wife’s name tattooed on his forearm in Thailand and sitting in a local restaurant the waiter wanted to know why he had “Windows 7” on his arm............
P8010001 - Copy  P8010004  P8010005  P8010007
My sock top features Beez bee on my knee, a lighthouse inner knee, compass outer knee and butterfly at the back, all finished with spring flowers. The last picture shows the butterfly but also a bit of an extension to my eucalypt which nicely finishes that particular gap.
Then came the filling of my gaping area at the front of my sock – a rather handsome dragonfly en route to a bunch of orchids. Chuffed or what.
P8010002  P8010004 - Copy  P8010006 - Copy
Back to dog-sitting in Wembury and the reason Bear couldn’t come with me, he had been in charge of getting Bella poofed and preened at the parlour and very excited she was to show off her sweet-smelling new look.
                     A ‘HANDSOME PAIR’ INDEED