To Cairns

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Mon 20 Jun 2016 22:57
To Cairns
This morning we were just about to get up when the IPad bleeped, Adam, Jenny, Duchess and WIlliam rang to wish Bear a Happy Father’s Day, for once the signal was clear and the signal was strong enough so we could both have video links on – what a wonderful surprise. Thank you for all Bear’s emails and FB messages xx xx.
When we did stick our heads outside there was low cloud, a fairly stiff breeze but at least there was some colour.
As the anchor was coming up at eight thirty there were a few spots of rain but as we cleared the anchorage passing an anchored ferry, all was well and we chanced taking the conservatory down.
IMG_8615  IMG_8617
Sandy Lee passed us and lead the way across the bay toward Cairns, around the next headland.
IMG_8620  IMG_8619
The view behind was very grey but our first look at Cairns showed blue skies.
By ten o’clock we felt we were nearly there, just the channel to do.
IMG_8622  IMG_8625
The well marked, dredged channel and a very thrilled skipper.
We crossed into the channel with the furthest markers to our right. We went from six metres below to nine, just like that.
Our first red was C8, the wind still blustery.
By quarter to eleven we had quite a line-up behind us.
This fast ferry didn’t bother with the channel, scooting across the bay to Fitzroy.
Cairns airport to our right with a plane coming in.
IMG_8639  IMG_8643
We don’t ever recall seeing a fishing girl with sails before. A bird in the air overhead.
This girl is a bit bigger than the last ferry and stayed in the channel for a few markers before cutting across to Fitzroy Island. Behind her and all the way in on the left are miles of mangroves – in crocodile country.
Cairns CBD and the marina come into view, the entrance just beyond the super yacht with her four spreaders.
We had a bit of luck, just as I squaring up to go through the entrance a little rescue craft came out. In we went and turned right.
A marina lady was waiting to take the ropes, Bob from Continuum – also on the rally, took the girls front rope, we were soon settled. Going to the office we diverted to take a picture of Beez in her resting place for the next two weeks, to her right El Gato – also on the rally. This week will be all about jobs, chores, cleaning and supplies. Next week all about rally registering, briefing meetings and route planning.
Beez slot G7 (yellow arrow). Since leaving Sydney on the 1st of March (including her month in Newcastle) Beez Neez has travelled 1420.7 nautical miles with 35 stops. She is now on ‘er ‘olidays. We went off in search of the marina office, just beyond the far end of the site.
IMG_8650  IMG_8651
Along the way a little chopper and a sculpture for Bear to pose with.
IMG_8652  IMG_8653
A few docks along a fun looking seafood restaurant and take away – they call small prawns mud bugs here. Fun signage on a parked van.
Victoria in the office dealt with us with friendly efficiency and pointed out our list of shops on the map she gave us. On our way back, Baby Beez new wheels under Bear’s arm, I pointed to a sign advertising ‘Jet Ski Croc Spotting’, do you fancy doing that ??? Many, many words came tumbling out that simply cannot be printed here, the only ones I can quote are – mad, poking about in mangroves, nutters and NO..........
We had a look in the laundry and facilities, then back to Beez for late lunch. Sadly, Baby Beez new wheels won’t go straight on so Bear has to build a spacer, nothing is ever straightforward........ I rang Patrick at Cole’s to order my bulk needs, we both had a giggle when I said 180 tins of tuna........Just in case we don’t catch everyday. 30 packets of 6 part-baked rolls for Bear, and 80 packets of my yummy polystyrene like rice cakes. Everything else is in manageable numbers, just where will it all be stowed ???? Oh well. A pretty heron we saw on our way back to the girl.
IMG_8658  IMG_8659