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Mon 7 Sep 2009 22:57
Biaga and a flying visit to Hardwick Farm
We managed to make a hastily planned visit to Chris. Sadly Alasdair's new promotion (congratulations) has him working in Birmingham during the week. Lord Marsh came over for a chat. Spoke to Fran on the phone as well as Alasdair who was getting a cold. Supper with Chris, Lol, Iain and Andrew (cannot get over the size of the boys). Rikki popped in to say 'hi' and the rest of the evening was spent getting to know Biaga. 
An evening in Low Barn, Hardwick Farm to see Chris and her new baby Biaga - she has a fancy name but too much for us to remember
Biaga is a Bergamasco and will grow up to have "flocks" like this handsome looking beast, also known as 'Rasta' dogs
For those like us who had never met one before, here is a little about the breed
The Bergamasco dog or Cane de pastore Bergamasco
Country of Origin: Italy
History: The Bergamasco is an ancient dog and believed to be related to the Maremma sheepdog and the briard. It’s speculated that the breed descended from Asian herding dogs that came to Europe with nomadic shepherds or Phoenician traders. It was developed in the Alps as a sheepherding dog and was so valued by the shepherds who kept it that the bloodlines were kept secret. The breed came close to extinction following WWII, but Italian fanciers resurrected it.
Physical Description: The Bergamasco is a medium to large, heavy boned, and muscular dog that is slightly longer than it is tall. It has a large, long head with a blunt muzzle, a large, black nose; and thin drop ears. The tail is long and thick and the long, heavy, rough coat forms matted “flocks” (like cords). The hair on the head is long covering the eyes. The coat ranges in color from silver gray to coal.
Height: 22 to 25 inches
Weight: 60 to 85 pounds
Temperament: These are courageous and intelligent dogs that are eager to please. They are not submissive and respond to firm, consistent training rather than harsh punishment. They are devoted to friends and family, especially children, but wary with strangers.
Activity Level: Moderate
Best Owner: The Bergamasco requires a confident, dog experienced owner in a rural home.
Special Needs: Positive training, socialization
Possible Health Concerns: None known

For now, she is only ten months old. She has only the beginnings of her flocks so looks more like a Dulux puppy, she has however completely taken over the house and we didn't think this slipper 'had long to live'
Time for a hug with mum and doesn't Chris look the part for 'walkies'.
We loved her too
ALL IN ALL GREAT TO CATCH UP BUT MISSED 'IS NIBS' and so many of the Hardwickers. Next time..........................