We Move In to SIR

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 23 Mar 2020 23:57
We Move in to Sleeping Indian Retreat
We jumped up with excitement this morning in the pouring rain and wind gusts to twenty-five knots – what on earth has happened to the Caribbean weather. We enjoyed a very slow breakfast and eventually the sun put his hat on for just a little sunshine.
Bear raised the anchor for the last time on our wonderful at-venture and I steered toward the fairway. We were soon passing an ‘oops’ and behind it a rather lovely house being built. Love the upper level patio arrangement in the middle of the two wings.
Huge wind gusts as I began to line up, using next doors kayak as a target. First attempt – just as a twenty-five knot gust reared up......backwards then.... A quick U-turn at the end by Customs and a more determined go, thankfully timed right on a six knot gust. On our dock safely at 8:20 local time. Boys under my arm, I waited for Bear to quickly pick me up and deposit me over the threshold, more like a hop than anything else.......
Beds in position......
........soon joined by the rest of the boys.
Bear enjoying the view with Beez Neez ready for a well deserved rest.
P3230001  P3230002
Within minutes ‘stuff’ was being brought in, the washing machine was on, all the new bedding we bought in South Africa going upstairs and soon the second load was on with the first load on the airer. Sooooo exciting to load the fridge, an upright with an ice delivery and cold water delivery in the door, such a treat.
We settled to enjoy a cup of tea and try the TV to watch some news – nothing, nadda, nunca – very frustring. We got on the internet and had just pulled up the BBC News when Bird video-called us. Whilst it was wonderful to see Bird, Danny and the boys, we couldn’t believe everything they were telling us about the Covid 19 virus. Schools closed, social distancing, hand-washing, hospitals filling, non-essential businesses closing, we looked like a pair of meerkats with the amount our heads kept bobbing, several times I clapped my hand over my mouth. Definitely feels like we dropped off the planet on our journey here to arrive to a planet in trouble. We were so grateful to be updated but our plans to fly on the 7th of April are beginning to look uncertain, one email said cancelled and one a couple of days later that our seats had changed. Just 83 in my junk box and 46 in the inbox, next job then.
A few hours later, between downpours, the kitchen work surfaces and floor had disappeared.
                     VERY, VERY EXCITING INDEED