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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 21 Nov 2015 23:57
Wood Carving by Local Artists, Noumea
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After our museum visit in the main building, we walked outside to see the Great Hut. We passed a small area of greenery in the middle and along the walls enjoyed some local art in deep, rich colours.
A shell in more muted tones.
A carving lay against the wall, this area is clearly undergoing a refit.
Then we saw the massive Great Hut. The builder said “Bonjour” and got about more grass selecting, as we had watched him do from the window.
IMG_0092  IMG_0093
This will be amazing when finished. The all-important carving at the top of the main post, we had read of their importance. The finials around the top reminded us of the thatcher's of Devon leaving their trademark finials such as: cat, fox, bird or rabbit to name just four, here they are somewhat different but you know what I mean. The grass sides we are not entirely sure what they will look like when finished but judging by the care the builder is taking we feel sure it will look incredible. 
We saw a small building, went in and found a temporary display of life-size or bigger carvings. The room smelt of newly cut wood, sadly, all the writing was in French but we made out that all these statues had been carved by local artisans.
IMG_0105  IMG_0104
Just inside the door was the old infirmary gate, this made for a very different way to look through to the carvings.
View from the back of the room.
I was very taken with this piece, very traditional.
IMG_0099  IMG_0100
Of course he did..........
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Very different.
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