Huanglongxi Food

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 18 May 2018 22:37
Some of the Food on Offer, Huanglongxi Ancient Town, China
We began our gastronomic look at the foods on offer in Huanglongxi with what at first glance seemed ‘normal’ but fishy.
IMG_0008  IMG_0009  IMG_0010
Deep fried crab, fish and prawns, OK so far.
IMG_0007  IMG_0013
Larva of something also available on sticks, along with beetle, grasshopper and scorpion............
IMG_0029  IMG_0028
Squid and intestine of duck.................Oh my.................
IMG_0339  IMG_0011  IMG_0318
Corn grinding machine for corn cake and rice cakes.
IMG_0192  IMG_0193
Tofu, different colours and aromas.
IMG_0279  IMG_0084  IMG_0076
Eight to ten muscles for around eight pounds. Freshly ground herbs and choose-your-own eels.
IMG_0083  IMG_0085  IMG_0075
 Pick-your-own fish.
IMG_0203  IMG_0256
To call it Beijing duck seems ridiculous, most places it’s still Peking duck.
IMG_0043  IMG_0305
IMG_0309  IMG_0323
Now tis was a different story. Walnuts, peanuts, corn nuts and treacle are roasted together. Next, two men turn the mixture out on to a wooden block and pound it flat with a pair of big hammers. One man folds the patty in thirds each way and pound it again repeating this process until the correct mix is tidied around the edges and cut into cubes with a cleaver. The aroma was rich, gorgeous and a million calories a cube. As for most of the rest of the ‘stuff’ we one point I said, if they could fry snot and put it on a stick, they would. Menus offered soft-shell turtle, birds nest soup along with some quite horrific looking ‘stuff’.
IMG_0326  IMG_0304  IMG_0299
Fried chicken feet a pound a portion, corn-stuffed fried chicken wings and dumplings.
IMG_0286  IMG_0287
Fresh tea leaves dried for fifty minutes and bagged ready for sale as green tea.
IMG_0329  IMG_0335  IMG_0014
A surprise find was a sausage man grilling a variety of flavours. A sparkling kebab machine and another stall where kebabs were marinating in the sun.
IMG_0200  IMG_0328
Incredibly hot spicy, dodgy and smeared ‘stuff’ over noodles or rice for breakfast. Please may I stick to muesli........
IMG_0298  IMG_0285  IMG_0030
Ice lolly machine, real fruit pieces on sticks and plastic demonstration models to point to.
IMG_0027  IMG_0300
Smoke machine and meat drying cabinet.
 IMG_0273  IMG_0035  IMG_0325
Wiggly things, thankfully fruits that look ‘normal’ and syrupy things.
A noodle-maker ‘in love’ with his job............
Dried and fried pig face anyone ????
IMG_0290  IMG_0288  IMG_0042
Ohhhhh, back to big, fat, black scorpions, more grasshoppers, ohhhh, just cannot face scorpion, funnily enough, neither did Bear.... 
                      WHAT WON’T THEY EAT ????