Wanci Night Market

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Wed 10 Aug 2016 22:57
Wanci Night Market
A heap of us went in at six to eat ‘the best satay chicken supper ever.....’ We broke in to two groups as someone said it was only a small eatery, the other half went to the fruit and veg market and we planned to swap in an hour. The best satay shop was closed so we bimbled to the Riski Hotel......
IMG_1974  IMG_1975  IMG_1976
Opposite the hotel we settled (Wishful Thinking, Matilda, Wirraway and Beez Neez), we sat and chatted, nothing happened. We sat some more, no waitress, no menu, well we didn’t see anyone. Eventually Deb leapt up and raided the fridge of Coke and water.
IMG_1977  IMG_1978
On the table when we sat down were cassava parcels, hard boiled eggs, salt, something else and a dodgy, hot, red looking powder and the tissue we have now become quite used to – a toilet roll with a plastic or raffia hat.
IMG_1979  IMG_1980
Eventually, a thin soup with noodles, cabbage and chicken appeared and we all tucked in. Deb cracked up as we all did when it came time to settle up. We all paid for soup and Coke but Bear had an egg - all our bills came to something different within about fifty pence.
We then set off for the night market passing a house selling some quite attractive water features. The rats here we have found sit quietly in groups and don’t skitter away as you approach, so we just walk around them.
The night market was full of enthusiastic ladies selling their wares. Bear bought six little potatoes and a bunch of baby sweetcorn for seventy five pence. Two boxes of deep fried biscuits at twenty five pence each, a cabbage for a pound and half a kilo of tomatoes for fifty pence. That done it was time to walk home.
Mick, Dee and Misty (Incognita) leapt into a motor bike led trailer and got a lift to the dock for fifty pence, we waved them off and carried on at a bimble pace.
IMG_1987  IMG_1988
Back to base, passing the anchor memorial we all untangled ourselves and bade each other ‘goodnight’. An interesting day dominated by shopping and eating out.
                     A BUSY SLACK DAY