Monday at Sea

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 1 Apr 2013 22:34
Monday the 1st of April
BB To Christobal 062  BB To Christobal 066
Today we had an event in the fishing department. We saw the line shoot out, we stalled it, there was an enormous jag, then nothing. We wound in the line and found a piece of jawbone attached to the straightened hook. That was OK because the skipper could have it fixed in a minute.
BB To Christobal 084  BB To Christobal 064
So much more serious was the terminal damage done to our most loyal bird. An eye puncture, he could live with – but his ruined tail caused life to be lost. Our first crew death at sea.
BB To Christobal 086  BB To Christobal 087  BB To Christobal 088
The captain prepared ‘Pinkie’ himself for burial at sea. Then got told off for smiling, so did his best to look solemn.
After this emotional business the skipper unusually asked for a pair of egg banjos, with ham and uniquely with ketchup...........Such a rare event. Are you feeling OK ??? Well I have just committed a member of the crew to the deep for the first time. Mmmmm. Midday readings gave us one hundred and eight miles in the last twenty four hours. Going along nicely.
BB To Christobal 089  BB To Christobal 090
Consigned to the depths to fish joyfully, for all eternity.
BB To Christobal 067
I set our temporary line out with no twizzle. That was clearly a mistake on the First Mates part.
Watch the signs Captain.
Have you ever seen a swager used with such accuracy
Bear has.
Out of Sight Bear, Out of Sight.
New time zone minus six hours.
OK I’m going.
BB To Christobal 113
That evening we brought the now straightened second unit in to find a line of jellyfish bloom (eggs and a few newborns). Care Captain, you don’t want that wrapped around any body parts. Way too painful, just like having a handful of angry red ants held against you. I know, I have felt it. Oh well let’s see what happens on the Backgammon board. I lost – AGAIN. What strikes me as amazing is each time Bear throws his dice they roll, Beez leans and magically his dice show a double.........Mmmmmmmmm. Hey, equal opportunities. Hush immediately.
BB 1st Time Ashore 091
Ok so it was time to kick some financial losses on the captain at Rummikub. One of our games was a unique one. The first five out of the bag for me were all eights. In my total pick-up I would have another two. That’s not a betting propsition out of one hundred and six playing pieces.
BB To Christobal 094
Time for Bear to bed down and me to slow down to time our Equator crossing in daylight and after I get up at ten.