Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Mon 7 Jul 2008 21:19
Our last day in Treguier was our first of rain and the warning of the coming storm force winds.
We did get our first good sail to Trebeurden and top speed over the ground was ten point four knots in twenty eight knots of wind. Trolling no good at this speed,  just caught seaweed.
By the time we arrived on the can waiting for the sill to open, the weather was closing in and things got a "bit lumpy", cue glass of rose.
Oh by the way, we ARE sailing. Google Earth would have us slipping along by road transport, but, it is as the "crow flies".
Entering Trebeurden, lots of lumpy stuff to avoid.
Internet connection in St Quay and Treguier was excellent via netabord at four euros for one hour, six for two and one hundred and fifty unlimited, here in Trebeurden it is free, a nice change.
This is the sill which automatically closes two and a half hours each side of high tide, depending on the height of the tide. Tide in and out and Skipper.
Me being forced on a constitutional ( by my skipper ) in thirty odd knots of wind, my anorak inflated and the zipper wanted to cause severe skin damage.
My shopping bag thought it was possessed by the omen and had its own idea of freedom.
We are snug as bugs during the storms. It is so squally now and the Chanel de Four has twenty one foot waves, (let me play my coward card here), the mere thought of stepping out
for a shower makes us wonder if dirt is all bad. The weather report shows we should stay put, I blame Wimbledon fortnight entirely.
All boats are taking a bit of a pounding, people are leaving their boats here, those on a time schedule and going home. The rest of us are adding lines and hope the weather changes soon.
The winds are an average of twenty knots here in shelter, if we go out there is a force seven on the nose and rising. We feel a few days in bed with good DVD's ahead.
A good shot of Trebeurden from the top of the hill on the way to the supermarket, showing the best side, you cannot here the wind at least.
Bear with some nice flowers by an intersection, and working models in the window of a bakers shop. The town is a ten minute walk uphill from the harbour.
We were wowed by this, our favourite tree, a monkey puzzle in full bloom, neither of us have ever seen this sight.
Not sure as we write this when we are moving. Watch out for the automated position update.