A+E Day One

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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Thu 31 Aug 2017 22:57
Andrew and Edward - Day One
IMG_3183  IMG_3185
Miffy and Rachel dropped the boys to Eva this morning, said their ‘farewells’ and we wished them a terrific time in Rome. No sooner than they had left than we headed out for Saltram with a picnic. Bikes came out of the boot, Andrew gave a serious look of intent and then a smile as we began the whole “don’t back-peddle” and “feet have to push round and round”.
IMG_3186  IMG_3187
Edward crossed his eyes when he saw what was going in his basket but we were soon on our way.
IMG_3189  IMG_3191
Steering failure and a pit stop.......
IMG_3194  IMG_3210
Andrew and grandpa enjoy lunch together.
IMG_3196  IMG_3197  IMG_3200
Small Person takes his food very seriously and enters labrador mode.
IMG_3192  IMG_3213  IMG_3214
Problems in the long grass........ A more confident look and slow improvement.
IMG_3218  IMG_3222
Have you seen the stuff in my basket” and “I’ve found my bell”.
IMG_3252  IMG_3254
Ice cream time. Oh the look of indignation when Edward saw such a tiny amount in his cornet.......
Next stop, soft play.
IMG_3256  IMG_3260
We captured each other in the same scrambling pose.
Kings of the castle ???.......
IMG_3275  IMG_3276
Injury, no a purposeful roll and so much giggling. Time to collect our Wingnuts and dollars from Sainsbury’s followed by nuggets and chip, a good wash and a film before bed.
                     BRILLIANT DAY OUT