OCO 2012

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 31 Dec 2012 23:17
The Finals of the 2012 One Careful Owner Award

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This year saw a brand new class entered in the OCO – Scaffolding. This beauty was seen from the top of our tour bus in Havana, Cuba. The first look was nothing too amazing in a city that has so many restoration projects on the go, but as we turned the corner and saw the full extent of the greenery Bear insisted it have a place in the finals.


BB Thanksgiving 115  BB Thanksgiving 120

In the Housing Category San Ignacio in Belize provided these two beauties but the skipper had the casting vote and the winner is......


June, Isla Mujeres

A lovely man lived in this corker on Isla Mujeres all waves and smiles


Magic Penny II - May  Magic

No complaints at my choice for the Working Girl Class. Magic Penny II, Key West


BF To Livingston 014

Big Girl Class was off the main channel, once again Isla Mujeres


2012 saw Beez Neez complete the ICW – Intracoastal Waterway on the East coast of the USA. Venture over to Havana, Cuba. Onward to Isla Murjeres, Mexico and enter the Rio Dulce, Guatemala for the hurricane season. Our final and most lively journey to Roatan put the distance traveled for the year at one thousand, six hundred and twenty point five nautical miles.

Our total since leaving the UK on the 6th of June 2008 at twelve thousand, eight hundred and six, plus a tiny bit.


Games draws a heavy heart from Bear as for the first time EVER I wiped the board. Hear Bear growl.

Upwords:            Bear 15      Pepe 25   Loud Growling

Rummikub:         Bear 275    Pepe 516 and $4922 up. Sad I didn’t go over $5000, very poor year compared to last.  Louder Growling.            

Sequence:          Bear 17      Pepe 22   Loudest Growling.

and perhaps the sweetest victory as for two years it has been a draw.  Thunderous Growling.

Backgammon:    Bear 177    Pepe 188 and $175 up.  Incandescent Growling.


Paint Bear’s face scarlet

Have you ever seen a croc aimed by a Growling Captain

Pepe has

Run Pepe, Run




BB Thanksgiving 086

Trucks this year had a very poor showing, this one got a Reserve Rosette in Belize


BB Thanksgiving 077

Cars and vans were also a slim bunch but a rosette with Future Highly Recommended of San Ignacio


BB Marina Bimble 062

Another brand new class was Fender category. A corker in Cuba


BB Marina Bimble 038  BB Marina Bimble 045  BB Marina Bimble 039

BB Marina Bimble 046  BB Marina Bimble 042

BB Marina Bimble May 033

BF To Tortugal 059

Key West, Cuba and Guatemala really entered some gems in the Liveaboard Category. Judging was tough at at times very heated, but the captain put his foot down and respect had to be given to the jaunty angle if nothing else. In fact the angle was proven beyond reasonable doubt when the hammock was slept in by the joyful residents of this years ‘One Careful Owner Award 2012’ we give you Sultana del Mar, Isla Mujeres.


BF To Livingston 008