Beez Bees are Back

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 6 Oct 2018 22:57
Beez Neez Gets Her Bees Back
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Today we did a couple of little jobs and then bimbled through the boats on the hard to a catamaran called Backchat, Jenny had invited us, along with Christine (of soon to be built Christina III) to spend a couple of hours learning the basics of Mah Jong. Other than twice going shopping this was our first break since we got back to Beez. Very enjoyable it was too. After lunch Bear went back to scruffing about and I put a base coat of varnish on. I know, I know, after Opua in New Zealand I had sworn never to ride a paintbrush again, but, needs must and Bear promised to stay out of mischief. Then I leapt into action, fed up with people keep asking about Beez bees it was time to get to the task. Prep work, measuring and the captains approval and there they were, Beez wears her new bees.
My trusty support staff moves the ladder for the umpteenth time.
IMG_0013  IMG_0011
Front and back decals complete.
Whilst Bear put his tools away I went for a little leg stretch through the hardstand yard.
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Backchat, where we played Mah Jong this morning and the trusty sea lift at rest.
For the first time – in a very long time I went and stood by the launch slope and mused. We launch a calendar month from today.
I reckon as soon as her new black anti-fouling goes on the girl will look amazing. The Bees Knees in fact......
My hard working skipper, currently dirty boy and I head for the shower a little earlier today at five thirty. In for supper and a rare (at the moment) game of Mexican Train Dominoes. I only lost eight points in the first eight rounds and got walloped in the last. Yes, but you still beat me by miles, Huh AND you beat me at backgammon after lunch, growling loudly. Both our backs in need of laying down, we watched a couple of episodes of Quantico. I settled for my first proper nights sleep since we returned to Beez. About time too.
                     WONDERFUL, A HUGE STEP FORWARD