Beez to 18/11/18

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 18 Nov 2018 23:57
Beez Progress This Week to the 18th of November 2018
Monday 12th. Mark arrived after lunch, I left the men to their electrickery and mooched about with the Mr Dickinson’s chimney, the granny bars and some other ‘not at full shine’ bits of stainless steel out on deck. After showers we took Mark out to supper by the ferry dock, a very pleasant evening.
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Tuesday 13th. At nine o’clock Mark was on board and I was on the wheel, soon heading out of the marina and toward the fairway. Squid fishermen coming in, ferries coming and going, little boats with lone men either dropping crab pots or fishing, normal things we haven’t seen for so long. I got Bear on the wheel to feel what I was - his face said it all. Mark and Bear concentrated on heading to the ore jetty, using it as a marker, then slow circles to swing the compass, set the auto pilot and set the wind instruments.  Well colour me happy............
........Pacific Winner was being held against the jetty but not one or two but FIVE working girls. Later, well of course I did, I looked up this behemoth built in 2014. What vital statistics she has...... length just shy of three hundred and sixty metres, hips sixty five metres and draught just over twenty three metres. She can spuddle along at eight point three knots and can hurry up to nearly fifteen. Her gross tonnage is 201,384 but really impressive is her deadweight tonnage of 400,065. She flies the flag of Hong Kong where she is owned by HK Ming Wah Shipping Company Limited. Such a long time since I have enjoyed looking up a chum.
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After the instruments were all doing as they should, we used the jetty, now behind us to make sure the new chartplotter was leaving a track and the depth was reading correctly. The huge boat (soon to be made smaller once I have studied the book) was where it should be.
As we headed in, a Malaysian Navy girl was going out on exercise. Back on the dock after our two hour trot, an instrument briefing and then Mark bade us ‘farewell’. First sea trial deemed an overwhelming success and a cup of tea was ordered in celebration. Lunch and a quick win at backgammon. Huh, I will call for help in ten minutes, aye, aye skipper, the next job on the list was completed – to put the genoa up and  the mainsail reefing sheets back on.
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Wednesday 14th. Breakfast ended with ‘that time of the month’ job – Bear’s anti-gout muesli mix. Bear pottered about and then put the covers on the new hatches and adjusted the shock-cord. Razali failed to appear, really, really hard rain, a bit of sorting out, forever homes found and the day seemed to fly by.
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Thursday 15th. Bear set about putting new netting up, a fiddly job that took the morning to do the left side and the afternoon to do the right side. I had a pile of admin to do, that done, I made Bear a chicken stew with fillet strips and his favourite gizzards, hearts and other flappy bits that make me shudder.
Razali arrived but soon left with the pram hood under his arm. Bear put up a tarpaulin in its place and, just as well, we had monsoon type rain for much of the afternoon.
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After lunch I got the little sewing machine out. After a rub down and hoof pick, I took it for a gentle trot and altered the old Hydrovane cover to make a hat for my new fishing reel. I trotted about with the hoover, still amazes how dusty everything gets – only slightly better than being under the shed.
Friday 16th. The day began with a crashing defeat. The big fridge has died. Oh. Might be the compressor – about four hundred and fifty pounds or the control unit at about a hundred and twenty five pounds plus postage. Fingers crossed for the latter. Down Bear got with his electrical jobbies and after pressing buttons for him I left him to it.
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We went shopping at two. On my way past I got to admire the new stanchion hats Bear had put on and his very neat netting job. Very smart indeed. Then came the usual dash around all our ‘now favourites’. No success in finding oxalic acid to clean the rust spots off the girl, these pesky little dots arrive on the dust, originating from the ore jetty and have had a long time to do their staining.
Saturday 17th. No further delays, I had to get to the jerry can covers. The little chap was quite happy when it came to altering old covers and we had a pleasant time cantering about, just as well - four stubbies, four tall and a complete new tall to do. Bear did loads of fridge research and pottered about
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Sunday 18th. I got the big sewing machine out, an absolute no, no when it came to saddle up, couldn’t even get the bit between the teeth..... Bear spent the rest of the day servicing it for me. He took the tension to pieces, the foot plate came off and after polishing with sandpaper began to reassemble. A sudden swear word and up came a traumatised footstool, I’ve killed it. I’ll get you a new one from the pound shop, they don’t do well it you wiggle on them. Mmmm. I carried on on the little chap, altering and modifying jerry can covers. By shower time four were finished, one tall one left to make and one stubby one left to alter.