Beez Haul Out

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Thu 19 Aug 2010 22:59
Beez Neez - Time for her to be on dry land.
This year as we had such calamities at Peakes yard, the little pool here being an afternoon attraction and the workmen we to use meant it was an all round benefit to be hauled out at Coral Cove. It is a small yard compared to Peakes and positively diddy compared to powerboats (seen as the most secure yard - but heaving). My small worry was that here I would have to back in to the lifting bay mmmmmmmm.
Being huge - due to living far too well, I gave up alcohol a couple of weeks ago in order to start to lose some serious weight - eyeing up my entry made this seem such a bad plan
I wandered back and found the boys ready to move, I went for it and backed the whole way (all of three hundred yards) straight into the slip
  Safe and sound in the slip with the boys holding her bottom, just the way she likes it
Travel lift appeared and boys eager to get on
Final words from Skipper as to where the strops should go as not to hurt the "Limpet Mine" i.e. depth sounder
Quick revisit to loosen the back stays just in case....... the bit Skipper hates, the dangling bit
.....................but all went well, off again.
We were very keen to see how the anti-fouling had done - or the most expensive paint in the world designed to wash off - had performed. Pretty good except the leading edges
 Bear was very happy to see her lowered over land though, four of the five children from Eloane came to give moral support 
The Beez favourite part is when men are working on her
A good wash down "with the Evening Post"
Then off and into her place in the yard, the strops came off in the pouring rain
I spent the time cutting new strips of fluffy material to make new fender sock, no difference between new and old then............... 
A very relieved Skipper
Happily settled, now we mustn't forget to give time to get to the facilities..........!!!