Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 2 Dec 2018 23:57
Beez Progress 1st and 2nd of December 2018


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Saturday 1st. Bear stayed in bed to rest his joints and I pottered with my sewing job. Late afternoon Razali came with our bench seats with a lovely surprise of yellow stitching, little cushions and two recliners. Such a neat job. Talking of neat jobs, must mention the thread rig Bear built for me in the UK that has proved to be an excellent friend to my steed.



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Razali laughed as he enjoyed a canter on my machine, a really lovely experience.



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We showered and en route saw the most incredible lightning show that flashed every minute or so. At seven we joined this year’s rally Gala Night as invited guests. Lots of delicious food, a quick glitch when the lights went out and a jam session when a couple of yachties joined the band. One was an excellent blues guitarist and the fellow on the left was a terrific mouth-organist.



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The wind suddenly swirled and then the rain came. And did it rain, hours or it. Within minutes there was a deluge running across the sand, under the tables and yachties being yachties, we all danced in the puddles.



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Sunday 2nd. Bear fitted the now painted black plank back on deck, all the straps fitting the jerry cans, the two petrol ones are going to be filled on the morrow and then they too can be tied down. I spent the day working on my cockpit chair cover and decided I wanted to finish it. Target, get done and dusted, chop salad, trim little steaks, Bear’s baked potato and get to BBQ by seven. Nearly did it, we got there at twenty past. YAY sewing jobs ended so machines can have their blankets put on and be turned out to graze. Beds modelled and off we went, a pleasant evening. Really excited to finally say – our last Sunday here at Pangkor. YEHAA.





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