A Rest Day

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Thu 16 Apr 2009 22:18
A Day of Rest
After four days exploring by car and a day of chores we found a little bit of beach at the entrance to the marina.
Time for Bear to wash his planes and me to have a swim.
Over to our far left, it is nice to see container ships coming and going - showing the general strike is over. Our electric is now steady, we had days of a separate electricians strike, and more pleasing to me is the postal workers strike ended and they went back to work after the Easter break.
To our left Bear saw what he hoped was a yacht grounded on purpose to have her bottom scrubbed, on closer inspection she is a sad wreck, a sand spit has formed behind her.
More surprising was this very old and rusty steel girl we saw on the way to see the wreck. Clearly this one is lived aboard as you can see by the shopping for fresh bottled water.
Opposite we could see the anchorage with the town behind it. A cruise ship is in again showing things are getting back to normal. The supermarket shelves are now full, a big change from last week. If you had gone on to wikitravel last week there was a warning not to come to Guadeloupe at all. So hopefully now we can see the people as they really are - not the dissatisfied, unhappy people of late.
ALL IN ALL a nice day off.