Those and Tulips

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Thu 24 Apr 2014 22:57
Those and the Tulips
So there I am, just about made it upright on my sick bed, when visitors – Those – launched themselves at me. This is clearly not the house to be with any ailments or a nervous disposition and forget peace and quiet. After sorting out the pecking order, all was settled for a while, that is, until I saw Cicci sloping off plus one of my slippers firmly held in her jaw. A rather loud tussle ensued where Moth and Cicci battled out how things would end. My slipper came back a little damp but uninjured. Put out onto the field the vegetable patch fared far worse. “Just as well my cauliflower wasn’t in yet”. Yes dear.
Rising, like Lazarus, later in the afternoon, I was sitting quietly in the conservatory with ‘the at work Moth’ when came the request “would you mind awfully getting some pictures of the girls with the tulips”. Mmmm. I silently bimbled out into the garden and the very first shot proved this was going to be a challenge. I’ll call this Playtime.
IMG_0941  IMG_0995  IMG_0986
Big girl was a star at sitting, standing and posing.
The other one of ‘Those’ proved more of a minx. Clearly not responding to someone who was albeit silently authoritative, the whisper just died in the air. Every time I went near her she would wait until I got an inch from her scruff then ran, laughing over her shoulder at me. No help whatsoever from the worker in the conservatory............
IMG_0974  IMG_0910
The pose became a laughable head down and a call for more play.
IMG_0968  IMG_0973  IMG_0965
It took a while but I got there, sort of.
The pose was never going to happen, standing together also failed.
IMG_0925  IMG_0934  IMG_0989
Getting both of ‘Those’ to sit was just quadrupling the fun.
Which ended messily.
IMG_0949  IMG_0960  IMG_0961
Biaga, nose in the air and smiling this way and that.
I’ll leave it there then and crawl back to my cave.
ALL IN ALL A NICE INTERLUDE..............Mmmmmm