Farewell Zebedee

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Wed 6 Mar 2013 23:47
Farewell – For Now, To Zebedee
BB Zebedee Leaving 001
We had farewell drinks yesterday with Alan and said we would be on duty at six thirty this morning (before the wind gets up) to see Zebedee off, on his way to The Pearl Islands. We did laugh when Alan suggested we would probably ‘beat him’ to The Galapagos Islands where we would once again be welcome to a glass of his exceptional home-made rose wine.
BB Zebedee Leaving 006  BB Zebedee Leaving 007  BB Zebedee Leaving 008
We were to be ‘on hand’ just in case Zebedee’s nose got too close to other yachts in the tightly packed anchorage. We had all had to put out so such anchor chain there was no knowing where Zebedee would really end up before being free. We watched in awe as Alan wound in the anchor, the wind staying quiet during the process and then witnessing the expert handling of the Yuloh as Zebedee silently moved off.
BB Zebedee Leaving 013
Zebedee heads over to say ‘farewell’ to Beez
BB Zebedee Leaving 014  BB Zebedee Leaving 016  BB Zebedee Leaving 017
As if by order the breeze gently awoke, Alan hoisted the front sail and the sun began to rise.
BB Zebedee Leaving 024
The result – a classic shot of man and boat
BB Zebedee Leaving 027
We sat idling in Baby Beez and just took in the scene
BB Zebedee Leaving 033
Back aboard Beez we watched as Zebedee disappeared, hoping to meet this unique pair again.