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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 1 Apr 2016 22:57
Big Bear is a Real Hit with Suzie Q at the Petting Session, Alice Springs Reptile Centre
Three thirty we assembled in the middle room at the Reptile Centre. We were by now quite used to Ruby bimbling about, she likes to have her back scratched but not her head. The staff arranged seats for us, a family of four and a couple.
IMG_3936  IMG_3937
Our guide formally introduced us to Ruby.
IMG_3940  IMG_3952  IMG_3958
Leo wanted to be held as if he was in a tree. Then it was our turns.
Leo’s close-up. We were really taken with him.
IMG_3947  IMG_3964  IMG_3965
Next, we were introduced to Frank who wanted to be held as if he was on the ground. He was supposed to be our first contact, but he had done a whoopsie in his box, it was quickly pushed ‘out back’ for all to be washed and brushed up. Now, in second place, he was all bright and shiny.
IMG_3969  IMG_3974
Bear took Frank on but lost badly on the tongue competition.
IMG_3948  IMG_3951
Then for Bear’s nemesis. This beauty was a python called Suzie Q. Our guide showed us how to handle her and got the little chap to demonstrate.
IMG_3938  IMG_3939
Before our handling........ We learned an amazing thing, our guide told us if we saw any Australian snake, stand stock still and pretend to be a tree, most go for movement. If we have closed shoes and long trousers the likelihood of being struck is limited. Mmmm, but she backed it up by showings us fangs to compare. The lid on left holds a fang from an Australian snake. The lid on the right a fang from a non-local.
Later, we looked up a bit more on the subject of fangs. The little fang shown belonged to an Australian Mulga, the giant one belonged to an African Gaboon Viper. In Australia there are about 3,000 snake bites per year, of which 200 to 500 receive antivenom; on average one or two will prove fatal. About half the deaths are due to bites from the brown snake; the rest mostly from tiger snake, taipan and death adder.
Stats 1  Stats 2
The statistics we read with great interest. Now drum roll.
IMG_3978  IMG_3981
A bit serious, then settled. Happy. Urrrrrr wouldn’t go that far.......
IMG_3977  IMG_3985  IMG_3986
Oh how they bonded. Bear was a little alarmed when Suzie Q moved her very muscular tail, but all well soon enough.
IMG_3988  IMG_3991  IMG_3993
My turn, all she wanted to do was get back to Bear, she really did. Settled but you-know-who was her fancy man. I was struck by her amazing muscles, heavy weight and cool to the point of being cold. A very lovely girl though.
IMG_3994  IMG_3997
I had the tail curl too but this was even funnier in the next turn. Last picture - The new best friends.....a lurve thang..... Ummmmmm.