Chatswood Chase

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Wed 23 Dec 2015 23:57
Chatswood Chase
This morning Bear went out and hired us a tiny car, with several trips into the city coming up in the next few days, the rental worked out cheaper than taxis. He came back and I was ready to do a little more walking than yesterday. I was thrilled to get to the top of the steps and was just about to enjoy the moment when a hideous smell enveloped me. Was that you ??? Yes, but I thought I left it ten steps down. It’s horrid. Yes, I can’t disagree. Please don’t do it again..........
Is that the best you can do to look remorseful. I’m really trying.
We drove past St. Leonard’s Park, a huge green space, then the turning for the hospital - no problem.
Well, look at this beauty, an XR and what a number plate. We both saw the Kentucky sign at the same time. Do you want to try ??? Will I be OK. Yes. Yes please then. The last two piece meal had started my first ‘gunshot wound’ to the chest back in August 2014. Bear took me to A+E in Nelson on South Island, NZ, nothing showed up on a chest x-ray and all my blood test were normal – no inflammatory markers. Clearly I should have had a scan but what did we know............
IMG_1173  IMG_1174  IMG_1176
We stopped at Colonel’s, I ate half of mine taking the other half home for supper. How can you be cross with that face for long ???...... On we went and Bear parked in the Mandarin Mall car park, not entirely sure what to make of what it said on one of the pillars – Shoot Old Friends Make New Ones...............
IMG_1178  IMG_1179
The massive panda in the Mandarin Mall. We walked through, crossed the road and wondered at the height of the Westfield Mall opposite.
IMG_1180  IMG_1181  IMG_1182
Bear had parked in the Chatswood area, wanting to visit the Mac shop. After typing in Apple on the information board search – nadda, nunca, no. Went to ask a nice man who told us where the Croc shop was. That was a disappointment, the wedge flip flops I fancied are available on line....... Out of the mall, we asked a nice lady who told us to cross the main road diagonally, pass one mall and enter the next – Chatswood Chase.........Oops. Quite a way to walk I have to admit. Once there Bear delved in. I sat and watched the comings and goings of the thirty on duty staff kept very busy and Bear was handed over to a lady desperate to go on her tea break but not until she had cracked his problem.
We had a bimble around a big department store, each and every time I found a solid perch, shelf or display that I could take a breather at, you-know-who would appear and four seconds later, that smell. But, I do them ages before I come over to you. Clearly, you don’t shake your trousers. Oh. We bimbled back to the car and on to Neutral Bay Coles for a few bits of shopping. Then we had to face the steps and that luscious feeling of getting into bed. Terrific.
                     GREAT TO BE OUT AT CHRISTMAS